Book Launch: Skin Rafts by Kelwyn Sole (Professor Emeritus)

03 May 2022
03 May 2022



We are delighted to share that Professor Emeritus Kelwyn Sole will be launching a new book, Skin Rafts. The launch will take place virtually.

Date: Wednesday, 4 May 2022
Time: 18h00

Zoom Meeting:
Meeting ID: 897 7540 1162
Passcode: 190028

About Skin Rafts:
By highlighting and teasing out the mingled emotions of anxiety, disenchantment, hope and anger which characterise South Africans' current experienced reality, Sole's poetry questions and expands on our concerns about identity and belonging. In so doing, the poems in Skin Rafts contemplate the relationships that exist between us on a number of seemingly discrete, but actually intertwined, fronts - the personal relationship between lovers; the wider social and political relationships between human beings; as well as the problematic and contested human relationships that are brought to bear on land, landscape and the non-human. In this collection the reader is confronted with the circumstance that both body and society exist in a fragile dimension of uncertainty, where we all are 'bobbing / on our raft of skin'.