Dr Gavaza Maluleke

Senior Lecturer

What makes you interesting?

I watch short Asian food and country life vlogs on YouTube to fall asleep

Room 5.24, Robert Leslie Social 


  • Roles

    Research and Collaborations committee
  • Biography

    Gavaza has a PhD from the Johannes Gutenburg University of Mainz. Her most recent postdoctoral work was in the Democracy, Governance and Service Delivery Unit at the Human Science Research Council. She has also worked as a postdoc in the Becoming Men Research team at the University of Amsterdam and as a research consultant at United Nations University Institute on Globalization, Culture and Mobility.
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  • Research, Knowledge Exchange and Impact

    Research Interests:

    • African Politics
    • Transnational Feminisms
    • Postcolonial theory
    • Digital Activism
    • Migration Studies
    • Gendered violence and masculinities

    Current Research Activities:

    • My current research is on digital activism in South Africa with a focus on the women’s movement .
  • Teaching

    UG Teaching

    • POL1005S (Introduction to Politics)
    • POL2043S (South Africa Politics)

    PG Teaching

    • POL4058/5058(Transnational Feminisms)
    • POL5057FS (Data Analysis in Political Science: Qualitative
  • Postgrad Supervision

    • Feminist Politics (transnational feminism, hashtag feminism, women’s movements, feminist theory) • Migration studies (transnationalism, xenophobia) • Social movements (transnational activism,
  • Publications

    Peer reviewed articles

    • Maluleke, G & Moyer, E. (2020) We Have to Ask for Permission to Become': Young Women's Voices and Mediated Spaces in South Africa. Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society.
    • Maluleke, G. (2019) Women and Negotiated Forms of Belonging in Post-apartheid South Africa. Critical African Studies.

    Non-Peer reviewed articles

    • Maluleke, G. (2015).Forging Solidarity in Europe: African Women Speak. BUWA! A Journal on African Women’s Experiences (6). pp 60-68
    • Maluleke, G.(2014). Categories Unveiled: Women’s participation in Politics. In African Women in Power/Politics. African Women’s Journal (8). pp 22-24

    Book Chapters

    • Maluleke, G. (2017). Doing Mothering from the Margins. In Mothers, Mothering, and Globalization. (pp 89-109)
    • Demeter Press Artner, L and Maluleke, G. (2016). Contested universal R/rights – The New Family Code in Mali. In Negotiating Normativity: Postcolonial Appropriations, Contestations and Transformations. (pp. 159-173) Springer International Publishing: Switzerland
    • Maluleke, G. (2013). The Islamic family law and gender development in the MENA Region. In Weltatlas Soziale Arbeit. (pp 67-78) Beltz Juventa: Weinsheim und Basel Other Publications (Newspaper articles and Reports)
    • Maluleke, G. (2016). Women and Unity in South Africa. Our World
    • Maluleke, G.(2016).Women’s Voices in South-South Migration: Exposing Salient Forms of Xenophobia and Negotiated Ways of Belonging in South Africa, Policy Report No. 03/09. Barcelona: United Nations University Institute on Globalization, Culture and Mobility (UNU-GCM)
    • Maluleke, G. (2015). Women and the Xenophobic Narrative in South Africa. OpenDemocracy