Uncertain Curature - In and out of the Archive
Carolyn Hamilton and Pippa Skotnes
Jacana Media (2014)

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Carolyn Hamilton and Pippa Skotnes
Uncertain Curature: In and Out of the Archive

Fritha Langerman
Cover to Cover: The Contribution of the Book to the Reproduction of Linear, Hierarchical Models of Natural History

Pippa Skotnes
Fugitive Archive: A Response to the Bushman Diorama

David William Cohen
A Curator’s Fingers: Photographers, Subjects, and The Third Thing

Mbongiseni Buthelezi
Fieldwork, Killing Time and Accidental Photographs

Nick Shepherd and Alejandro Haber
The Hand of the Archaeologist: Historical Catastrophe, Regimes of Care, Excision, Relationality and Undisciplinarity

Marlene Winberg
Images of Loss and Abundance: A Reading of the !kun Children’s Material in the Bleek and Lloyd Collection (1879–1881)

Carolyn Hamilton and Nessa Leibhammer
Salutes, Labels and other Archival Artefacts

Michael Nixon
Depths of Field: Photographs and Early Southern African Music Studies

Andrew Putter
Native Work: An Artwork by Andrew Putter Consisting of 38 Portrait Photographs

Patricia Davison and George Mahashe
Visualising the Realm of a Rain-Queen: The Production and Circulation of Eileen and Jack Krige’s Lobedu Fieldwork Photographs from the 1930s

Danny Herwitz
The Creator’s Hand and Curator’s Imprint

Carine Zaayman
Anarchive (Picturing Absence)

Kylie Thomas
Resisting Archival Ends

Litheko Modisane
Outlawed Black Public Spheres: Snapshots of Cinema’s Archive

Alexandra Dodd
The Persistence of Empire: Unveiling Transnational Legacies of Race in ‘Funnyhouse of a Negro’

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