Introduction of new student and postdoc

In 2022, the APC welcomed Masters student Sihle Motsa and Postdoctoral fellow Nina Liebenberg. Master’s student and History Access Scholar, Sihle Motsa, is a writer and art practitioner interested in curatorial and archival research methodologie
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APC Research

March 2022 Research Development Workshop

The APC’s 2022 Research Development Workshop took place over Zoom, with hybrid affordances particularly on the first day, over the 23th-25th of March. Following the model of preceding Zoom workshops, 26 papers by 28 authors
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Lexicons of African Freedoms

In his role as Researcher at the PRIN Genealogies of African Freedoms, Università di Pavia, APC Research Associate Dr. Ettore Morelli organised the symposium, Lexicons of African Freedoms, 29-30 April 2022. The Symposium hosted contributions de
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Basotho and the Bantustans

On April 14th, APC welcomed Dr. John Aerni-Flessner, Associate Professor of African and World History at Michigan State University, who presented a paper co-authored with Dr. Grey Magaiza, Lecturer and Head of the Community Development Prog