Ending 2021

In 2021 the APC operated mostly in remote mode. At the beginning of the year we assessed what had worked well online in 2020 and what had not, and adjusted our 2021 programme accordingly. We held a variety of successful research even

Spotlight on the ‘Mfecane’ Debate

The FHYA has completed a new presentation called ‘Spotlight on the Mfecane Debate’ that commemorates the 30-year anniversary of ‘The ‘Mfecane

October APC Research Development Workshop

The APC’s second Research Development Workshop of 2022 took place from 27-29 October on Zoom. 25 papers by 27 authors were read, given written commentary by assigned commentators, and discussed collectively over 11 sessions...

Research labs

On 30 September 2020 Dr. David Bresnahan, Assistant Professor of History at the University of Utah, presented “Slavery in Translation: Tracing Concepts of Marginality and Belonging between Lake Malawi...

Multiple Avenues to Lesotho’s Past

Generally, when you go off on a research trip to look at archives and interview interlocutors, you do not expect scenery. When first arriving at Morija in Lesotho you are struck first by the landscape...

Facing Down the Coloniser?

My chapter ‘Facing (Down) the Coloniser? The Mandela Statue at Cape Town’s City Hall’ was published in September 2021 in a book with the wonderfully evocative title Falling Monuments Reluctant Ruins: The persistence of the past i

Light and Shadow in Archaeological Images

The essay ‘Modalities of Meaning: Light and Shadow in Archaeological Images’ by Nessa Leibhammer, research fellow of the APC, has been published in The Oxford Handbook of Light in Archaeology, edited by Costas Papadopoulos and Hol