The Bioethics Centre operates under the joint auspices of the Faculty of Health Sciences and the Department of Philosophy in the Faculty of Humanities

It is a notional Centre, in the sense that all people affiliated with the Bioethics Centre have primary appointments in other departments. The Bioethics Centre serves leadership and coordination roles. 

The Bioethics Centre has three main activities: 

•    Research: Academic staff members affiliated with the Bioethics Centre engage in research on a wide range of topics within bioethics. Further details of research interests can be found on the pages of individual staff members

•    Teaching: The Bioethics Centre is responsible for bioethics teaching in the MBChB programme and also gives occasional lectures in other undergraduate programmes in the Faculty of Health Sciences. It also provides teaching in various postgraduate programmes and provides continuing professional development bioethics sessions to various departments in the Faculty. 

•    Service: The Bioethics Centre provides a clinical consultation service for departments in the Faculty of Health Sciences and in its affiliated hospitals. Staff affiliated with the Centre also serve on various university ethics committees.