Welcome to the Undergraduate Section

The Philosophy Department offers undergraduate courses that cover a range of areas in analytic philosophy. These courses collectively enrol over 3000 students per year. Although most of these students are drawn from the Humanities Faculty, there are enrolments from all the other faculties, including large numbers of students from Commerce and Law. 

Between 80 and 100 students complete a major in Philosophy each year, including a number who are in the PPE (Philosophy, Politics and Economics) programme. 

Many other students take one or a few Philosophy courses as part of their degree. There are many options for these students. At the first-year level these include:

PHI1024F: Introduction to Philosophy
PHI1010S: Ethics
PHI1025F: Critical Thinking

The last of these is strongly recommended even for those students who have no interest in Philosophy, as it is intended to develop critical thinking and other academic skills that are required in a range of disciplines. 

Although there are pre-requisites for entry into the Department’s two 3000-level courses, most of the Department’s 2000-level courses are open to all second-year (or more senior) students, irrespective of whether they have taken any prior Philosophy courses. Many of these courses, in addition to being of interest to Philosophy students, also enrich the curriculum of students engaged in other programmes of study:


Of interest to students studying:

PHI2012F: Philosophy of Psychology and Mind


PHI2016S: Philosophy of Art and Literature

Literature, Fine Art, Music, Drama

PHI2042F: Political Philosophy

Political Studies, Law

PHI2037F: Applied Ethics

Law, Commerce, Science

PHI2040S: Philosophy of Science

Science, Engineering, Health Sciences

PHI2043F/S: Business Ethics


PHI2044F: Philosophy of Mathematics

Science, Engineering

PHI2045S: Philosophy of Race

Law, Political Studies, Literature

Students seeking advice on which courses to take should consult either the Philosophy Department’s undergraduate student advisor, Dr Galgut,