An incomplete record of seminars over the last few decades is available:


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22 July: Lawrie Reznek, Harm, Interest and Disease

29 July: Lawrie Reznek, Harm, Interest and Disease (continued) 

5 August: Denise Meyerson, Preferring Blacks to Whites

12 August: Prof J Meyer (Teaching Methods Unit), Conducting Tutorials

18 August: Prof Peter du Preez (Psychology Dept), History and Identity

26 August: David Wiggins, Sameness and Substance

2 September: David Bohm, Wholeness and the Implicate Order

16 September: Dr Michael Pendlebury (Philosophy, University of Natal, Pietermaritzburg)

23 September: Dr S Sommerville (Philosophy, Rhodes University)

30 September: Dr Nigel Love (Linguistics), The Use and Mention of Linguistic Expressions

7 October: Mr J Coulton (English), Tragedy and Philosophy

14 October: Barney Keaney, Is Duhem’s Philosophy on Physics Relevant?

28 October: Paul Taylor, A Problem in Aesthetics


3 March: Ellis Crasnow, Identity, Modality, Space / Time

10 March: Augustine Shutte, Knowing a Person

17 March: Denise Meyerson, Actions, Reasons and Causal Explanation

24 March: Paul Taylor, Perception and Aesthetics

31 March: Alan Ryan (New College Oxford)

7 April: Alan Ryan (New College Oxford)

13 April: Dr Geoffrey Sampson (Reader in Linguistics at Lancaster)

28 April: Professor Zak van Straaten, Arguments for Holism

5 May: Professor Andre du Toit

12 May: Dr James Moulder, In Defence of the Sophists

28 July: Professor J Findlay (Boston University), The history of my opinions

4 August: Dr James Moulder, The idea of a university: towards some notes for a paper

12 August: Professor Ninian Smart (University of California, Santa Barbara & University of Lancaster)

18 August: Professor Thomas Nagel (New York University)

25 August: Dr Roger Lass (Edinburgh University), Explanation and Methodological Individualism

15 September: Professor R Harris (Oxford University)

22 September: Dr Tomin (Oxford University), The idea of freedom in Ancient Philosophy

29 September: Professor R Harris (Oxford University)

6 October: Professor Zak van Straaten, Arguments for holism


2 March: Dr John Hund (Centre for Inter Group Studies), Are Social Facts Real?

9 March: Common Reading: one of the chapters from Nathan U Salmon Reference and Essence. Discussion introduced by Zak van Straaten

16 March: Dr Augustine Shutte, The Concept of Matter

23 March: Professor Joachim Hruschka (The University of Erlangen-Nürnberg)

30 March: Alan Ryan (New College, Oxford)

13 April: Ms Anne Bezuidenhout, Can Elementary Propositions be Negative? 

20 April: Alan Ryan (New College, Oxford)

27 April: Dr Barney Keaney

4 May: Ms Helen Brown

18 May: Mr Paul Taylor


30 May: Professor Robert Harnish (Philosophy, University of Arizona), The computational theory of the mind and connectionism.



23 April: David Brooks, Why This World?

30 April: Professor Zak van Straaten, Models of Reasoning About Knowledge

7 May: David Benatar, Connecting Rights to Well Being

14 May: Dr Denise Meyerson, Utilitarianism and Undesirable Desires

21 May: Professor Zak van Straaten, Sociobiology

28 May: Dr Paul Taylor


29 April: Dr David Brooks, How to do a Reduction

7 May: Dr Tony Holiday, Conversations in a Colony

13 May: Dr Augustine Shutte, Philosophy and the South African Predicament

20 May: Francis Williamson, Ontology and Autonomy

27 May: David Benatar, Individuals and Society


23 July: Professor Laurence Thomas (Syracuse University), Relativism and Moral Tolerance

29 July: Professor Laurence Thomas (Syracuse University), The Unity of the Self: Society and the Individual

31 July: Professor Donald Davidson (University of California, Berkeley), Externalisms

4 August: Professor Marcia Cavell (University of California, Berkeley), Owning One’s Mind

13 August: Professor Mathieu Marion (University of Ottawa), Pritchard on Perception

18 August: Professor Mathieu Marion (University of Ottawa), Austin and Oxford Realism: How to Read Sense and Sensibilia

27 August: Greg Fried (UCT), The Brain in the Vat 

31 October: Astrid Friedrich (UCT), A Tension in Realistic Naturalism

1 December: Professor Ed Sankowski (University of Oklahoma), Blame for Action and Blame for Psychology


29 July: Professor Paul Taylor (Philosophy, UCT), Literary and Moral Judgements

5 August: Professor Paul Taylor (Philosophy, UCT), What is Distinctive about Literary Judgements?

12 August: David Wallander (Psychiatry, UCT) Are Archetypes Real?

19 August: Dr Don Ross (Economics, UCT), Sraffa and Wittgenstein on the Foundations of Mathematics and the Critique of Marginalist Theory. (Co-authored with Mathieu Marion.)

26 August: Dr Don Ross (Economics, UCT), The Role of Emotions in Bargaining: A Humean Account. (Co-authored with Paul Dumouchel.)

2 September: Dr Augustine Shutte (Philosophy, UCT), Ubuntu: An Ethic for a New South Africa.

15 September: Professor Adam Morton (Philosophy, Bristol University), Moral Progress.

1 October: Astrid Friedrich (Philosophy, UCT), The Concept of Women in Luce Irigaray’s Philosophy.

14 October: David Wallander (Psychiatry, UCT), How Does Meat Do Meaning?


3 March: Professor Stephen Toulmin (University of Southern California), Wittgenstein’s Vienna

11 March: Popular Seminar: Dr. John Higgins (English Language and Literature, UCT), The Age of Wittgenstein: Wittgenstein and the Avant-Garde

17 March: Dr David Benatar (Philosophy, UCT), The Wrong of Wrongful Life.

25 March: Popular Seminar: Professor Laurence Goldstein (Philosophy, UCT), What Can We Learn from Teaching Those with Learning Disabilities? 

31 March: Professor Paul Taylor (Philosophy, UCT), Knowing and Anticipating Others’ States of Mind: Simulation versus ‘Theory’.

14 April: Professor Alan Ryan (New College, Oxford University), What did John Dewey Want?

21 April: Professor Michael Levine (University of Western Australia, Perth), Should We Strive for Integrity?

29 April: Popular Seminar: Dr John Williams (Director of Ethics: Canadian Medical Association), Just Healthcare

6 May:  Popular Seminar: Professor David Aschman (Physics, UCT), The Cosmic Asymmetry of Matter / Antimatter: CP Violation and US

13 May: Professor Laurence Goldstein (Philosophy, UCT & University of Hong Kong), Pseudo-problems of Substitutivity 

20 May: Popular Seminar: Dr Don Ross (Economics, UCT), Is Musical Representation Linguistic? 

26 May: Professor Robert Myers (Barnard College, USA), The Inescapability of Moral Reasons

26 July: Professor Robin Attfield (Philosophy, University of Wales College of Cardiff),Intergenerational Equity and Environmental Ethics.

16 August: Professor Mark Chekola (Philosophy, Moorhead State University, USA), Invisible Minorities and Social Group Identity

25 August: David Wallander, (Psychiatry, UCT), A Brief History of Mind

5 September: Professor David Evans (Philosophy, Queen’s University of Belfast), Introductory Philosophy: UNESCO Project

6 October: Professor Paul Taylor (Philosophy, UCT), Reading and Imagination

13 October: Professor Ernie Lepore (Rutgers University)


1 March: Dr David Benatar (Philosophy, UCT), A Pain in the Foetus: Toward Ending Confusion about Foetal Pain. (Co-authored with Dr Michael Benatar)

15 March: Dr Augustine Shutte (Philosophy, UCT), The Vanishing Agent

29 March: Dr Elisa Galgut (Philosophy, UCT), Fictive Emotions and the Suspension of Disbelief

12 April: Dr Thad Metz (Philosophy, University of Missouri - St Louis, USA), The Concept of a Meaningful Life

3 May: Dr Lee Brown (Philosophy, Howard University, USA), Conceptions and misconceptions of race.

10 May: Dr David Benatar (Philosophy, UCT), To be or not to have been?

17 May: Mr Chuck Chandler (Classics, UCT), Were the Greek philosophers conscious of animal consciousness? 

24 May: Professor Peter Collins (Management Studies, UCT), The morality (or otherwise) of buying professional gambling services. 

21 June: Professor Robert Solomon (Philosophy, University of Texas - Austin)
The emotions. 

26 July: Dr David Benatar (Philosophy, UCT.), Why the naïve argument against moral vegetarianism really is naïve.

2 August: Professor William Sweet (St. Francis Xavier University, Canada), Solidarity and Human Rights

16 August: Professor Mark Leon (Philosophy, University of the Witwatersrand), Autonomy of Will

23 August: Dr Elisa Galgut (Philosophy, UCT), Why do I take pleasure in pitying Lear? An examination of Hume’s discussion of tragic pleasure.

30 August: Dr David Benatar (Philosophy, UCT), The Second Sexism

20 September: Neil Horne (Philosophy, UCT), Is there a Science of Art?

27 September: Astrid Friedrich (Philosophy, UCT), Sang Rouge, Sans Aufhebung: A Possible Space for Woman’s Subjectivity

3 October: Professor Thomas Simon (Illinois State University), War Crimes: Organisation Responsibility 

4 October: Joint seminar with the Political Studies Department: Dr Sean Archer (Economics, UCT), Rights and Resources in the South African Economy after Political Change.

10 October: Professor Michael Pendlebury (Philosophy, University of the Witwatersrand),“Ought” judgements and motivation. 

11 October: Dr Maurizio d’Entrèves (Department of Government, University of Manchester), The Fraught Relation between Toleration and Democracy

18 October: Deane-Peter Baker (Philosophy, University of Natal - Pietermaritzburg), Defining the Self: Charles Taylor’s Theistic ‘Best Account’.


28 February: Dr Augustine Shutte (Philosohy, UCT), The Concept of God in a Postmodern Context – Part 1

7 March: Dr Don Ross (Economics, UCT), New Economic Foundations for the Behavioural Sciences: Unpacking Intentional Concepts

14 March: Professor Stephen Nathanson (Philosophy, Northeastern University, USA), Equality, Sufficiency, and Decency: Three Views of Economic Justice. 

28 March: Dr Helena Sheehan (Dublin City University, Ireland), The History of Philosophy: Questions about Class, Race and Gender. 

4 April: Professor Mark Sainsbury (Philosophy, Kings College, London), Hume on Passion, Truth and Motive.

25 April: Jeremy Wanderer (Philosophy, UCT & London School of Economics), Contagious Knowledge

2 May: Dr Augustine Shutte (Philosophy, UCT), The Concept of God in a Postmodern Context – Part 2

9 May: Professor John Higgins (English, UCT), Marx as Critical Thinker

16 May: Dr David Benatar (Philosophy, UCT), Two views of sexual ethics.

23 May: Professor Tibor Machan (Philosophy, Chapman University and Stanford University),Individualism, Naughty or Nice?

1 August: Professor Daniel Wikler (World Health Organisation and University of Wisconsin – Madison), Inequalities in health: which ones matter?

8 August: Professor Godfrey Tangwa (Philosophy, University of Yaounde, Cameroon),Democracy and Development in Africa

22 August: Jeremy Wanderer (Philosophy, UCT), Seeing Meaning

29 August: Double Feature: 1. Dr David Ryan (Philosophy, Rhodes University), The Phenomenology of Truth-Telling. 2. Dr David Spurrett (Philosophy, University of Natal), Nancy Cartwright on Force Laws and Composition of Forces

12 September: Karori Mbugua (Philosophy, UCT and University of Nairobi), In Defence of the Epistemic Subject.

26 September: Dr Ward Jones (Philosophy, Rhodes University), The sense in which our beliefs are up to us. 

17 October: Mark Ralkowski (Philosophy, UCT), Is Dasein Amphibious?

24 October: Dr Elisa Galgut (Philosophy, UCT), Multiple Realisability of the Mental


28 February: Prof Maurizio D’Entreves (Philosophy, UCT), Grounding Toleration on the Value of Democracy

7 March: Dr David Benatar (Philosophy, UCT), Slopes and Wedges Distinguished

14 March: Jeremy Wanderer (Philosophy, UCT), Varieties of Disjunctivitis

11 April: Dr Pedro Tabensky (Philosophy, University of Pretoria), The Economy of Happiness

18 April: Professor Laurence Thomas (Philosophy, Syracuse University, USA), Forgiving the Unforgivable

25 April: Dr Elisa Galgut (Philosophy, UCT), Fiction and Truth

2 May: Mark Ralkowski (Philosophy, UCT), The Perception of Moral Salience

9 May: Dr Yannis Plangesis (Philosophy, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece), Hegel on Property, Civil Society and Social Change

6 June: Professor Andrew Brook (Philosophy, Carleton University, Canada), Two Approaches to Consciousness

1 August: Dr Jeremy Wanderer (Philosophy, UCT), Hearsay

8 August: Karori Mbugua, (Philosophy, UCT) Is Sexual Orientation Hormonally Determined?

15 August: Professor Jaap van Brakel (Philosophy, University of Leuven, Belgium), No need to speak the same language.

22 August: Dr Tony Holiday (School of Government,UWC), Slavery and Interiority 

29 August: Steve Kuo (Philosophy, UCT), Is Pluralism Reasonable?

12 September: In lieu of the regular seminar, a discussion of Peter Strawson’s influential paper Freedom and Resentment. Dr Jeremy Wanderer (Philosophy, UCT) gave a brief lead-in. 

19 September: Steve Kuo (Philosophy, UCT), Is Pluralism Reasonable?

3 October: Dr Augustine Shutte (Philosophy, UCT), The Concept of God in a Postmodern Context – Part 3


27 February: Professor John Cottingham (Philosophy, University of Reading, UK), Religion, psychoanalysis and philosophy

13 March: Professor Akeel Bilgrami (Philosophy, Columbia University, USA), "What is the 'identity' in identity politics?"

3 April: Phillip Joyce (St Anne’s College, Oxford), Imagination and Practical Deliberation 

8 May: Dr Elisa Galgut (Philosophy UCT), Do we weep for Cordelia?

15 May: Professor Tom Campbell (Australian National University), Poverty as a violation of Human Rights

14 August: Dr Augustine Shutte (Philosophy, UCT), Just War

11 September: Professor Emmanuel Eze (Philosophy, DePaul University, USA), Rights and Reason: Some Non-naturalistic Considerations.

18 September: Dr David Benatar (Philosophy, UCT), Abortion: The Pro-Death View

2 October: Dr Bernhard Weiss (Philosophy, UCT), Tacit Knowledge of Word Meaning

9 October: Dr Peter Goldie (Philosophy, Kings College, London), The narrative sense of self

23 October: Leo Townsend (Philosophy, UCT), Imaginative Role-taking as Co-cognition.


26 February: Sir Anthony Kenny (Oxford University, UK), The philosopher's history and the historian's philosophy

11 March: Dr Elisa Galgut (Philosophy, UCT), Simulation and Irrationality

18 March: Dr David Benatar (Philosophy, UCT), Why your life is so much worse than you think. 

1 April: Dr Anthony Holiday (School of Government, UWC), Thinking about Denial

29 April: Professor Paul Thompson (Philosophy, University of Toronto, Canada), Payment for Blood, Plasma and Body Organs

12 August: Prof. Kai Nielsen (Philosophy, Concordia/Calgary), Pragmatism as Atheoreticism: Richard Rorty

12 August: Professor Jocelyne Couture (Philosophy, Université du Québec à Montréal),Citizen's of the World?

19 August: Dr. Elisa Galgut (Philosophy, UCT), Wishes and Sub-Intentional Explanation

26 August: Dr. Jeremy Wanderer (Philosophy, UCT), Brandom on Testimony 

11 October: Dean Chapman (Philosophy, UCT), Logical Truth and Logical Consequence

18 October: Clara Ramirez 

25 October: Leo Townsend (Philosophy, UCT)


24 February: Professor John Cottingham (Philosophy, University of Reading, UK), Plato’s Sun and Descartes’ Stove: Contemplation and Control in Cartesian Philosophy.

10 March: Dr Bengt Brülde (Philosophy, Göteburg University & the University of Trollhätten/Uddevalla, Sweden), Happiness Theories of the Good Life

7 April: Matthew Wettlaufer (Kassel University & University of Stellenbosch), Dialectics at a standstill: the principle of non-identity in the work of Adorno and Benjamin

5 May: Dr Jeremy Wanderer (Philosophy, UCT), Defending Defensibility in the Epistemology of Testimony

21 July: Dean Chapman (Philosophy, UCT), Reason to believe - Logic and the Limits of Explanation

4 August: Dr Anthony Holiday (School of Government, UWC), Knowledge and Networks

11 August: Prof Drucilla Cornell (Law, Rutgers University, USA), Who Bears the Right to Die?

25 August: Annemie Gildenhuys (Philosophy, UCT), Know Thyself and Know Myself

8 September: Dr Rodney Roberts (East Carolina University, USA, and Fulbright Visiting Scholar, UCT), Rectificatory Justice and the Philosophy of Howard McGary

15 September: Dr Elisa Galgut (Philosophy, UCT), The problem of imaginative resistance

29 September: Leo Townsend (Philosophy, UCT), Two Interpretations of Davidson


23 February: Dr Finn Spicer (Philosophy, Bristol University, UK), Naturalism and the Conceptual Analysis of Knowledge

2 March: Professor Jonathan Berg (Philosophy, University of Haifa, Israel), How to Grice Frege

30 March: Dr Steve Clarke (Centre for Applied Philosophy and Public Ethics, Charles Sturt University, Australia, and James Martin 21st Century School, Oxford University, UK),Situationism in Ethics

6 April: Monique Whitaker, (Philosophy, UCT), Puzzling Belief Ascriptions

4 May: Professor Simon Beck (Philosophy, University of KwaZulu-Natal), Fiction, Fictions and Narrative

18 May: Dr Augustine Shutte (Philosophy, UCT), The philosophical heart of the science-and-religion debate

25 May: Dr Ben Kotzee (Philosophy, UCT), Instrumentalism and Doxastic Normativity

10 August: Professor Noel Carroll (Philosophy, Temple University, USA), Literary Realism, Recognition, and the Communication of Knowledge

17 August: Professor Alan Charles Kors (History, University of Pennsylvania, USA), The Triumph of the French Enlightenment

24 August: Mark Oppenheimer (Philosophy, UCT), What is pornography?

19 October: Dr Robert Segall (Philosophy, UCT), Approximate Truth and Other Enigmas


22 March: Dr Elisa Galgut (Philosophy, UCT), Fiction and Fantasy: Literature and the Psychoanalytic Imagination

29 March: Professor John Keane (Centre for the Study of Democracy, University of Westminster, London, UK), Why Democracy? On the Need for Fresh Thinking About a Confused Old Ideal

12 April: Dr Greg Fried (Philosophy, UCT), Why Mathematics is Beautiful and True

19 April: Dr Samantha Vice (Philosophy, Rhodes University), Spirituality, Partiality and the Insignificance of the Self

29 June: Prof Ted Schatzki (Philosophy, University of Kentucky), Emotions and the dominion of teleology

1 August: Professor Raimond Gaita (Philosophy, King’s College London, UK & Australian Catholic University, Australia), Moral Understanding

22 August: Prof David Benatar (Philosophy, UCT), The limits of reproductive freedom

5 September: Murali Ramachandran (Philosophy, University of Sussex, UK), Williamson's Anti-Luminosity Arguments

19 September: Dr Jeremy Wanderer (Philosophy, UCT), Silencing Speech


20 February: Professor Lewis Gordon (Philosophy, Temple University, USA) On Fanon

3 March: Dr. Bernhard Weiss (Philosophy, UCT), Getting Davidson Right

10 March: Professor Filip Beukens (Philosophy, Tilburg University, Netherlands), Love de re; Love de dicto

17th March: Dr. Steven Best (Philosophy, University of Texas, El Paso), Animal Liberation and Moral Progress: The Struggle for Human Survival

14th April: Dr. Lucy Allais (Philosophy, University of Witwatersrand), Dissolving Reactive Attitudes

5 May: Dr. Greg Fried (Philosophy, UCT), Aesthetics and Geometrical Objects

12 May: Dr. Liezl van Zyl (Philosophy, University of Waikato), Accidental Rightness

30 July: Professor Kendall Walton (Philosophy, University of Michigan), Fictionality and Imagination: Mind the Gap

4 August: Dr. J.P. Smit (Philosophy, University of Stellenbosch), Belief-contexts and Epistemic Transparency

18 August: Dr Robert Segall (Philosophy UCT), The Fertility of Theories

25 August: Zak Van Straaten (Former Professor of Philosophy, UCT), Why Philosophy gets no Respect

22 September: Professor David Benatar (Philosophy, UCT), Suicide: A qualified defence

29 September: Dr. Elisa Galgut (Philosophy, UCT), Hume’s Aesthetic Standard

6 October: Dr. Jack Ritchie (Philosophy, UCT), On the Very Idea of Anomalous Monism


9 March: Dr. Debra Nails (Philosophy, Michigan State University), 'Two tragedies of Theaetetus

23 March: Professor Stephen Mulhall (Philosophy, University of Oxford), 'Hopelessly Strange': Bernard Williams' Portrait of Wittgenstein as a Transcendental Idealist

4 May: Dr. Jeremy Wanderer (Philosophy, UCT), 'The Curious Case of the Colored Lifeguard': Addressing Testimonial Injustice

11 May: Professor Owen Flanagan (Philosophy, Duke University), 'The Modularity of Morals

3 August: Professor Ward Jones (Philosophy, Rhodes), Establishing the Responsibilities of Philosophers

17 August: Ms. Lara Davison (Philosophy, UCT), Profiling and Prejudice: The Ethics of Statistical Discrimination

24 August: Dr. Stuart Rennie (Philosophy, UCT), Is participation in biomedical research morally obligatory?

31 August: Mr. Julian Jonker (Philosophy, UCT), What metaphors mean – in aesthetics

5 October: Dr. Greg Fried (Philosophy, UCT), The Liberal Paradox

26 October: Mr. JP Roux (Philosophy, UCT), Faultless Disagreement


22 February: Daniel Herwitz (Philosophy, University of Michigan), Guantanamo in the Province of the Hague

8 March: Dr. Jeremy Wanderer (Philosophy, UCT), On Holding You to Reason

15 March: Dr. Gerald Lang (Philosophy, Leeds), Good Luck, Bad Luck, and Moral Luck: a defence of the existence of moral luck

10 May: Dr. Derrick Darby (University of Kansas), Egalitarianism and Racial Inequality

30 August: Professor David Benatar (Philosophy, UCT), The Second Sexism and Affirmative Action

27 September: Dr. Andres Luco (Philosophy, UCT), Desires upon Desires: A Case for a Desire-Based Theory of Practical Reasons

11 October: Dr. Matthew Chrisman (University of Edinburgh), On the meaning of Ought

18 October: Dr. Craig Taylor (Flinders University), Overweening Morality

25 October: Professor Gordon Graham (Princeton Theological Seminary), Wittgenstein and Religion


21 February: Professor Ian Hacking (University of Toronto), “Numbers and Race: Two apparently very different cases for the maxim, ‘In many cases, don't ask for the denotation (Bedeutung), ask for the use.’”

28 February: Professor David Benatar (Philosophy, UCT), What is Sexism?

7 March: Professor Judith Baker (York University, Toronto), Trust and Commitment

4 April: Dr. Soran Reader (University of Durham), Ethics, not Philosophistry

11 April: Professor Tom Stoneham (University of York), Consciousness

18 April: Dr. Greg Fried (UCT), The disadvantages of evil: A contribution from social choice theory

9 May: Ms. Jessica Lerm (UCT), No man is an island

16 May: Dr. Patrick Lenta (UKZN), Is There a Right to Religious Exemptions?

1 August: Dr. Jeremy Wanderer (UCT), Addressing You

8 August: Dr. Paul Voice (Bennington College), Our Disasters and Theirs: What do Liberal Democratic States Owe?

15 August: Dr. Ian Shapiro (Yale), On Non-Domination

19 September: Dr. Larry Bloom (UCT), Plato on the Principle of Non-contradiction

26 September: Ms. Tess Dewhurst (UCT), How do I know that you know?: Testimony and unorthodox epistemology


27 February: Adam J. Graves (Metropolitan State College of Denver), Freedom, Responsibility and the Hermeneutics of Confession

12 March: Chuck Chandler (UCT), On the cosmos: a treatise attributed to Aristotle

16 April: Bernhard Weiss (UCT), Do Disputes about Taste Provide Reason to be a Relativist

23 April: Leo Townsend (UCT), Aggregation and Alienation: From Lilliputians to Leviathans

30 April: Andrew Nash (UCT), Excellence in Higher Education: Is There Really No Alternative

7 May: Kyle Blumberg (UCT), Supervaluationism and higher-order vagueness: a new problem

14 May: Jenni Sinclaire (UCT), Plato on Virtue and Knowledge

30 July: Mark Colyvan (University of Sydney), The Sorites is a Liar

6 August: Dylan Futter (WITS), The Socratic Elenchus

13 August: Chris Gauker (University of Cincinnati), A Third Conception of the Normativity of Meaning

20 August: Augustine Shutte (UCT), Conflict and Religions - Secularity as a Standard for Authentic Religion

27 August: Thad Metz (University of Johannesburg), Philosophical Liberalism and Anti-Poverty Struggle: Incoherent?

8 October: Neil Horne (formerly UCT), On Aspects of Hume's "Of the Standard of Taste"

15 October: Scott Gallagher (UCT), The Morality of Crime Victim Restitution and Compensation

22 October: Mustapha Jinadu (UCT), Propositions Are Mind Dependent


18 February: David Benatar (UCT), The Misanthropic Argument for Anti-natalism

11 March: Karin Murris (UCT, Education), Can Children do Philosophy?

18 March: John Cottingham (University of Reading), Descartes and Darwin: Reflections on the Sixth Meditation.

29 April: Dean Chapman (UCT), Defending Mere Mooreanism

6 May: Sean Leader (UCT), The No Miracles Argument: “Capture me if you can!”

13 May: Samantha Vice (Rhodes), Moral Pessimism and Human Value

12 August: George Hull (UCT), Deciding

16 September: Richmond Kwesi (UCT), Metaphor and God-talk

30 September: Greg Fried (UCT), May's constraints and the Independence of Irrelevant Alternatives

7 October: Jack Ritchie (UCT), Models and Metaphysics


24 February: David Benatar (UCT), The Gendered Conference Campaign

3 March: Jan-Willem Rommeijn (Groningen, Netherlands), Comorbidity in Psychiatry: Fact or Artefact

10 March: Don Ross (UCT), The neglected philosophy of macroeconomics

17 March: Mark Leon (Witwatersrand), Reason and Freedom

24 March: Simon Beck (UWC), More people?

14 April: Jessica Lerm (UWC), Can we be obligated to hold agents accountable?

5 May: Greg Fried (UCT), Animal ethics and grotesque jocularity

12 May: Vasti Roodt (Stellenbosch), Why the personal is not political: a defence of the private/public distinction

19 May: Harold Kincaid (UCT), Live and dead issues in the methodological individualism debate

26 May: Jessica du Toit (Bioethics, NIH, Washington DC), Is having pets morally permissible?

31 July: Andrew Nash (UCT), Dialectical Thinking

7 August: Dean Chapman (UCT), The Paradox of our Knowledge of an External World

14 August: Jonathan Wolff (UCL), The Capability Approach: Problems and Prospects

21 August: Larry Bloom (UCT), Aristotle on Katharsis and the Unity of Plot

18 September: George Hull (UCT), Black consciousness as overcoming hermeneutical marginalisation

25 September: Dylan Futter (Wits), Commentary, authority and care of the self

2 October: Clive Chandler (UCT), How (not?) to talk to monarchs: the case of the Epicurean Diogenes of Selucia

9 October: Lucy Allais (Wits), In defence of an Enlightenment conception of reason: a critique of a single value moral theory based on Ubuntu

16 October: Anna Hartford (UCT), Ought, blame and ability


26 February: Moises Vaca (Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico), Secession: defeating old and new arguments against plebiscitary theory Dialectical Thinking

5 March: Eldon Wait (Emeritus, University of Zululand), Merleau-Ponty, the gaze and simultanagnosia

12 March: Elisa Galgut (Philosophy, UCT), The Holocaust and factory farming

19 March: George Hull (Philosophy, UCT), Combining fairness with cost-effectiveness in risk cost-benefit analysis

26 March: Greg Fried (Philosophy, UCT), Divine psychologism

9 April: Jaco Barnard-Naudé (UCT), Hannah Arendt’s Work of Mourning: Politics and the ‘Social’ in Post-Apartheid South Africa

16 April: Bernhard Weiss (UCT), Making Knowledge of Meaning Explicit

23 April: Jack Ritchie (UCT), Metaphysical Underdetermination or Semantic Indeterminacy?

30 April: Simon Beck (UWC), Technological Fictions

7 May: Helen-Mary Cawood (University of the Free State), Cosmopolitanism Deconstructed

14 May: Augustine Schutte (UCT), From Plato to Davidson and Tom Nagel: A Sketch of the History of Philosophy of Mind

30 July: Katherine Furman (LSE), Is Thabo Mbeki morally responsible for his AIDS denialism?

20 August: Richard Flockemann (Rhodes University), Semantic competence and epistemic understanding

27 August: Ben Smart (University of Johannesburg), Defining disease - a pluralist conception

10 September: Josh Platzky-Miller (University of Cambridge, UCT), Do We Need Development? 'Developmentality', Language and Power

17 September: Anthony Oyowe (UWC), Cultural Norms, Autonomy and the Concept of 'Person'

8 October: Dr George Hull (UCT), Inequality of Opportunity as Accessory After the Fact to Racism

15 October: Simon Blackburn (University of Cambridge), Some Evolutions of Pragmatism



22 February: David Benatar (UCT), On the Meaning(lessness) of Life

29 February: Matthias Schirn (University of Munich), Frege's Conception of Truth Subjected to Scrutiny

7 March: Brian Epstein (Tufts University), How to Keep Groups Alive: Collective Intentionality Made Easy

14 March: Frank Thompson (University of Michigan), Intergenerational Justice

11 April: Tom Angier (UCT), Aristotle and Egoism

18 April: Patrick Lenta (UKZN), Is Judicial Corporal Punishment Degrading?

25 April: Andrew Hamilton (University of Durham), Art and Entertainment

9 May: David DeGrazia (George Washington University), Value Theory and Bioethics

16 May: Anna Hartford (UCT), Ignorance and Attributability

25 July: Catherine Elgin (Harvard University), Epistemic Normativity

8 August: Dean Chapman (UCT), Anti-Scepticism by 'Appeal to the Stone'

15 August: Bruce Janz (University of Central Florida), First-, Second- and Third-Person Self-Understanding, the Truman Show Delusion, and the Forensics of Self

12 September: Jess Lerm (UWC), Do we know that wrongness exists? A reply to Metz's logical incoherence argument



20 March: Vasti Roodt (Stellenbosch), Resisting concept creep: the limits of violence

27 March: J.P. Smit (Stellenbosch), What is the subject matter of semantics supposed to be?

3 April: Ryan Nefdt (UCT), Why philosophers should care about formal semantics: a reply to Cappelen

24 April: Kristin Mickelson (University of Gothenburg, Sweden), Making metaphysical sense of the logical incompatability of free will and determinism

11 May: Jonathan Shock (UCT), The strange statistics of an infinite universe: am I simply a Boltzmann Brain?

18 May: Tom Angier (UCT), Why skills are very unlike virtues, and why it matters

25 May: Michael Glover (UCT), Animals-off-the-menu and Ukweshwama: a vegan reply to cultural defences and a racism allegation

1 June: Sanaa Abrahams (Rhodes University), Understanding biological teleology from a naturalistic perspective

8 June: Elisa Galgut (UCT), Fantasy, desire and the statue of Rhodes

22 June: Rob Jenkin (UCT), Appropriate doxastic attitudes towards useful falsehoods: when is it ok to believe a falsehood?

21 August: Saul Kripke (CUNY), Naming and Necessity Revisited

22 August: Dr Richard Hamilton (University of Notre Dame, Fremantle, Australia), Burdened Epistemic Virtue

24 August: Reza Hosseini (Stellenbosch), Wittgenstein and the Genteel Tradition

28 August: Howard Curzer (Texas Tech), Virtue Ethics and the Disadvantaged

7 September: Colleen Murphy (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Justice in Transitional Circumstances

14 September: David Harris (UCT), Is it Wrong to Vote Strategically?

21 September: Travis Rebello (UCT), Do We Live in Denial of our Deaths? And Why Ought We Not?

5 October: Kyle Blumberg (New York University), Suppositional attitudes



28 February: Murali Ramachandran (Wits), Rigid designation and essentialism revisited

7 March: Greg Fried (UCT), Mathematical Study and the Meaning of Life

14 March: Phila Msimang (Stellenbosch), Biological realism in the contemporary race debate

28 March: Michael Griffin (University of British Columbia), Can we learn to be good? Socratic and Buddhist perspectives on the education of virtue

11 April: Derek Matravers (Open University, UK), What is the object of empathetic emotion?

18 April: Wade Seale (UCT), Utilitarianism: an Ubuntu personalism conception

25 April: Jack Ritchie (UCT), What is the physical? Possible worlds and the open-texture of physical concepts

2 May: David Benatar (UCT)

9 May: Tanya de Villiers-Botha (Stellenbosch), Redefining harm

16 May: Dale Jamieson (New York University), Improving progressive consequentialism

2 August: Jennifer Hawkins (Duke University), Well-being, change and the self

15 August: Ernest-Marie Mbonda & Estelle Kouokam Magne (Catholic University of Central Africa), Is decolonization of knowledge possible? The cases of African Philosophy and African Medical practices

29 August: David Benatar (UCT)

5 September: Tom Angier (UCT), Questions arising from 'Better never to have been', chapter 3

26 September: Ryan Nefdt (UWC and UCT), What words are

3 October: Dirk Louw (Stellenbosch University), “African” Philosophy and “Afrikaanse” Philosophy

10 October: Elisa Galgut (UCT), Psychoanalysis and folk psychology

17 October: Greg Fried (UCT), The St Petersburg Paradox


6 March: Simon Beck (UWC), Person transplants: can strange brains save the animalist?

13 March: Arlyn Culwick (independent scholar), 'Machine code for the universe' - how the action of signs pervades everything

20 March: Jack Ritchie (UCT), Naturalism as a stance

27 March: Wade Seale (UCT), Political liberalism and personalism

24 April: Sherif Salem (American University in Cairo), There is something about logical normativity

15 May: Kristof Vanhoutte (University of the Free State), There is no such thing as continental philosophy

17 July: Terri Barnes (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Doing the work of apartheid: A.H. Murray, UCT Philosophy H.O.D., 1938-1970

24 July: Ryan Nefdt (UCT), The role of language in the cognitive sciences

31 July: Aaron Jacobs (UCT), Internalism and the science of linguistic meaning

7 August: Julia Annas (University of Arizona), Virtuous people and moral reasons

14 August: Tom Angier (UCT), Aristotle and transcendence of species

21 August: Mark Solms (UCT), The hard problem of consciousness

4 September: Myisha Cherry (University of Southern California, Riverside), Anger management: an alternative view

25 September: Matthew Shelton (UCT, Classics), Madness and antilogy in Plato’s Phaedrus

2 October: Bernhard Weiss (UCT, Philosophy), Meaning, normativity, correction and retraction

9 October: J.P Smit (Stellenbosch), Is Somaliland a country? A theory of social ontology. 



28 January: Antonella Tramacere (Max Planck Institutue for the Science of Human History), A gene-culture co-evolution view of imitation and human cognition.

19 February: Amir Mohseni (Westfalische Wilhelms-Universitat Munster), The Inconsistancy of Immortality.

4th March: Prof. Veli Mitova (UJ, Philosophy), Moral Encroachment and the Value of Epistemic Irrationality


17 March: Tim Crane (Central European University, Vienna), The zombie hypothesis as a sceptical hypothesis.



23 February: Travis Rebello (UCT), Counting Animals: Comments on Shelly Kagan

2 March: Arthur Schipper (Peking University), Properties and Serious Ontology

9 March: Sebastian Schmidt (University of Zürich), Blameworthiness for Non-Culpable Attitudes

23 March: Samantha Vice (University of the Witwatersrand), Knowledge and Aesthetic Appreciation of Animals

6 April: Christoph Schuringa (New College of the Humanities), ‘Human’ and ‘Nature’ in Marx’s Paris Manuscripts

20 April: Derek Matravers (The Open University), Is the Concept of Empathy Coherent?

4 May: Tarryn Harding (University of Johannesburg), Paradoxes at the Limits of Expression

3 August: Johan Olsthoorn (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven), Proportionality and Liability in Early Modern Theories of Just War and Self-Defence

17 August: Bernhard Weiss (UCT), From Transcendental to Linguistic Idealism

24 August:John Chappe de Leonval (UCT), Eating (Meat) Ethically: The Convergence of Human Health, Ecological Sustainability and Animal Welfare

25 August: Motsamai Molefe (University of Fort Hare), Partiality and Impartiality in African Philosophy

31 August: Josh Michelson (UCT), The Dynamics of Knowledge in Light of the Inferences We Make and its Implications for Knowability 

14 September: Christoph Schuringa (New College of the Humanities, London), ‘Human’ and ‘Nature’ in Marx’s Paris Manuscripts

21 September: Edwin Etiyebo (Wits), Pragmatism and Decolonising for the Good

5 October: George Hull (UCT), Alienation: The Diagnosis of Vicarious Flourishing  

12 October: Josh Platzky-Miller (UKZN), From the ‘History of Western Philosophy’ to Entangled Histories of Philosophy: The Contribution of Ben Kies (1953)

19 October: Raff Donelson (Chicago-Kent College of Law and Illinois Institute of Technology), A Pragmatist Case against Voluntarist Ethics