New Appointment

We are delighted to announce the appointment of Olerato Mogomotsi to an Assistant Lectureship in the Department.

Dr Greg Fried leaves the Department

Very sadly for the Department, Greg Fried has decided to move on to other things. During his 12 years in the department Greg has been a superb colleague.

Affirmative Support

You remark in the last Monday Paper that you did not print any letters in support of David Benatar because you received none. I regret, then, not taking keyboard in hand earlier to applaud his tour de force of an inaugural lecture, the start of which w

Affirmative Action & the Invisibility of White Privilege

David Benatar's inaugural lecture critiquing affirmative action has been given wide coverage in the media and provoked a vigorous debate on the campus, as have the many replies to his polemic. I want to make two points about David Benatar's arg

Governing Whiteness! Now that Cannot be Allowed!

It is clear that David Benatar imagines himself to hold the meaning of 'truth'. It is clear that he is primarily concerned with 'being right' and with showing others to be 'wrong'. In light of his unyielding attachment to his po

On Race-Based Affirmative Action

I have followed closely the debate by Prof. Benatar on "race-based" Affirmative Action at UCT. Firstly, I have been disappointed by the insensitive manner the proponents (from both sides) have chosen to debate the matter.

Dr Greg Fried

In her letter to the Monday Paper (issue of 7-20 May), Judy Favish writes: 'I was shocked that Professor Benatar believed that it was possible to evaluate redress mechanisms…purely on the basis of logical considerations.' Several other c

Dr Michelle Kuttel

I was deeply disappointed by the coverage of the Benatar debate in the last issue of the Monday Paper. I was present at the debate and Professor Benatar's arguments received much support from many in the audience.

On the Affirmative Action "Debate" at UCT

Having read the responses to Prof David Benatar's arguments against race-based affirmative action (AA) policies, I would like to comment, not on the arguments themselves, but on the responses he has received within the UCT community.

Respect and Honesty: Let’s Get The Facts Correct

The UCT debate, sparked by the inaugural lecture of Professor David Benatar of the Department of Philosophy, continues unabated, as witnessed by the interest in two lectures hosted as part of the university's Respect campaign and the letters pourin