Tutor responsibilities

  1. Give one tutorial per group per week.

  2. Do necessary teaching preparations.

  3. Attend weekly tutors’ meeting.

  4. Mark all coursework assignments for students in one’s group.

  5. Be available for consultation by students in one’s group.

  6. Invigilate class tests (if any) and the class exam.

  7. Keep attendance and other records and perform related administrative duties.

  8. Be available, in Cape Town, to mark a share of the exam scripts, or, online assessments (for a modest amount of extra pay). This means being available after term has ended up until approximately a week before the marks deadline.


  1. The hourly rate varies, depending on the tutor’s level of qualification. 

  2. We pay the maximum hourly amount permitted by the University’s guidelines for each level of qualification. 

  3. Tutors hours are calculated as follows (for a minimum of 2 tutorial groups per week):

    1. 1.5 hours preparation per week.
    2. 0.5 hours tutors meeting per week.
    3. 0.75 contact hours per tutorial.
    4. 1.75 marking hours per tutorial.
    5. 1 consultation hour per tutorial.
    6. 0.5 admin hours per tutorial.
  1. Tutors will be paid monthly, over 4 months.

  2. Those tutors who are asked to help with exam marking are paid extra. 

Tutor privileges

  1. Tutors are allocated shared office space and will be given access to the Philosophy Department Common Room. 

  2. Tutors who are not students or staff members and lack library privileges will, subject to certain conditions, be granted these privileges.