The Foundations in Philosophy Programme was introduced in 2007 at the initiative of Dr Greg Fried, who convened the programme until his departure from the Philosophy Department. 

The aim of the programme is to introduce interested High School students in Cape Town to the study of Philosophy. There is a nominal registration fee. Students who cannot afford the fee may apply for a rebate. 

The programme consists of lectures, discussions, reading and writing. The lectures and discussions are held on three evenings – one lecture a week for three weeks. Each evening begins with a thirty-minute talk, usually given by a member of the UCT Philosophy Department. The group then divides into small groups for discussions led by Philosophy Department tutors and staff. After about thirty minutes, the groups then join for a brief plenary discussion. 

A course booklet is provided to each student. This includes accessible readings for each lecture. 

Students who wish to complete the course produce a short written assignment in which they respond to questions based on one of the lectures. 

If all the requirements are met, students are sent a handsome certificate indicating that they successfully completed the programme.

The Foundations in Philosophy programme was featured in the University of Cape Town’s 2009 Social Responsiveness Report. The feature can be read here.