Not the Monday Paper

David Benatar is the (founding) editor of Not the Monday Paper, a spoof of the University of Cape Town's official newspaper, The Monday Paper. Three issues - one a year in 2005, 2006 and 2007 - have been produced. Requests for these may be sent here. Further editions may be published in due course.

Sax Appeal

Sax Appeal is an annual humorous publication of the University of Cape Town's RAG ("Remember And Give"). It is produced each year by an enthusiastic group of students, and sold by first-year students to Capetonians on Sax Appeal Day in order to raise funds for the student-run SHAWCO (Students' Health and Welfare Centres Organization), which serves various underprivileged communities in the broader Cape Town area.

Links to David Benatar's past contributions to Sax Appeal can be found here:

"Cosmetic Academic Surgery", 2006, pp. 24-5. [9.9 MB]

"Kleptocracy", 2007, pp. 64-5. [4.7 MB]

"Hunting for Osama along the Axis of Elvis", 2007, p. 35. [1.7 MB]

"South African Aircrimes", 2008, pp.42-45. [3.7 MB]

"Australoraedarius africanus", 2009, pp. 57-59. [4.9 MB]

"Zulu to be ritually killed by Bulls", 2010, p. 80. [2 MB]

“WeeweeLeaks”, 2011, p. 76. [983 KB]
[An uncorrected and unapproved version of this contribution appeared in the magazine. The above link is to a corrected version.]

"A South African Glossary", 2014, p. 22. [735KB]