Postgraduate Conference on African Philosophy (Read More...)

19 August 2016
Organisers: Dr Jack Ritchie and Dr George Hull
Keynote speaker: Dr Tony Oyowe

Social Equality

15-17 August 2014
Organiser: Dr George Hull
Keynote speakers: Professor Miranda Fricker, Professor Charles W. Mills and Professor Jonathan Wolff

Philosophical Society of Southern Africa Annual Conference

16-18 January 2012
Organiser: Dr Elisa Galgut

On Hacking's 'Style(s) of Thinking' (Read More...)

30-31 March 2011
Organisers: Dr Jack Ritchie and Dr Jeremy Wanderer
Keynote speaker: Professor Ian Hacking

Fourth Annual Conference of the Postgraduate Philosophy Association of South Africa

4-5 April 2009 
Organiser: Lucy Shapiro (UCT)
Speakers: Michael Mbikiwa and Ryan Nefdt (UCT) presented papers, together with twenty six postgraduates from other South African universities.

Bearing and Rearing Children

26-28 May 2008 
Co-organisers: Jean Beer Blumenfeld Center for Ethics, Georgia State University, and the Society for Applied Philosophy, UK
Keynote speakers: Professor Hugh LaFollette (University of South Florida) and Professor Jeff McMahan (Rutgers University)

Ethics and Africa

29-31 May 2006
Co-organisers: Jean Beer Blumenfeld Center for Ethics, Georgia State University
Keynote speakers: Professor Thomas Pogge (Columbia University) and Professor Chandran Kukathas (University of Utah)

The Space of Reasons

4-7 July 2004 
Keynote speakers: Professor John McDowell (University Pittsburgh) and Professor Akeel Bilgrami (Columbia University) 

Analytic Existentialism

14-16 August 2001
Keynote speaker: Professor David Schmidtz (University of Arizona)

Quotidian Ethics

10-12 August 1999
Keynote speaker: Professor James Rachels (University of Alabama – Birmingham)