The Philosophy Department takes plagiarism very seriously.

  • Students are provided with guidance in avoiding plagiarism. For more details please see the relevant section of the First Aid to Philosophy.
  • All (marks-earning) assignments must be submitted to turnitin and hardcopies must include a signed student declaration affirming that plagiarism has not been practised. Marks for assignments that have not been submitted to turnitin or that have missing or unsigned declarations will not be entered until students have met these requirements.
  • Work found to have been plagiarized, whether wittingly or unwittingly, may not be resubmitted. If a substantial portion of an assignment is plagiarized, the assignment may be given 0%.
  • Where there is a prima facie case that a student has plagiarized knowingly or otherwise culpably, he or she will be reported to the relevant University authorities for a disciplinary inquiry.
  • In cases of plagiarism that are deemed to be unwitting, a report will be made to the Faculty office.