The Philosophy Department is established in the Faculty of Humanities at UCT. The Department focuses on analytical philosophy and offers undergraduate courses and a postgraduate programme.

Department staff research interests include epistemology, philosophy of psychology and mind, aesthetics, social and moral philosophy (including applied ethics), philosophy of logic, philosophy of language, philosophy of science, and philosophy of mathematics. 

Regular department seminars are held, at which staff, postgraduate students and visitors present work. The Department has organised (or co-organized) and hosted a number of international conferences

The Department is also engaged in various service activities.

  • The Philosophy Society provides a forum for interested members of the public to hear regular philosophy lectures and to discuss them.
  • The Foundations in Philosophy programme introduces High School students to the problems of philosophy.
  • The Department is also a resource for other departments and faculties, providing educational and consultation services in bioethics, business ethics, aesthetics and other areas.
  • Members of the Department also provide expertise for various university committees, most especially a number of university ethics committees.