Areas of special research interest to individual members of the Centre have included: 
•    Ethical responsibilities in international, cross-cultural collaborative research (for example defining and avoiding exploitation, new approaches to standards of care, balancing harms and benefits, developing partnerships and reasoned approaches to the application of universal principles in local contexts) 
•    Broadening the bioethics discourse beyond interpersonal ethics to include consideration of public health ethics, global health and the societal forces giving rise to disparities that shape health at the level of whole populations
•    Controversies in surgery (for example limb and face transplantation, cosmetic surgery, circumcision and other genital surgery)
•    End-of-life decision making (including the right to die and suicide)
•    Bioethics and human rights
•    Teaching medical ethics
•    Dilemmas in relation to HIV/AIDS
•    The place of universal declarations 
•    Ethics of animal experimentation and the use of animals in other ways that impact on human health 
•    Reproductive ethics
•    Genetic ethics
•    Professional attitudes to informed consent for a range of medical procedures 
•    Seeking fairness in the distribution of resources; and 
•    The connections between bioethics and law 

Further details about research can be found on the pages of individual staff members