The Bioethics Centre is responsible for bioethics teaching in the MBChB programme. We aim to promote understanding that ethics is not merely a matter of opinion – whether received or otherwise. Students are introduced to rigorous ways of thinking critically and intelligently about what ought to be done in difficult situations, by moving from a theoretical introduction and a discussion of principles towards selected practical problems. Occasional lectures are also given in other undergraduate programmes in the Faculty of Health Sciences. 


Staff affiliated with the Bioethics Centre give lectures and assist with bioethics teaching in various postgraduate programmes in the Faculty of Health Sciences. 

Continuing Professional Development

The Bioethics Centre provides a range of bioethics “CPD” lectures, seminars and discussions. Many of these are at the invitation of departments within the Faculty of Health Sciences and are scheduled as part of the departments’ regular weekly meetings. Others are at medical conferences organized by departments or by national or international professional bodies. The Bioethics Centre also organizes CPD events of its own, such as the Annual Bioethics Day.