Emeritus Professor Solomon (Solly) Benatar

MBChB, DSc (Med), FFA(SA), FRCP (Lond), FACP (Hon)

Emeritus Professor of Medicine and Senior Scholar, University of Cape Town
Visiting Scholar, Joint Center for Bioethics (JCB), University of Toronto 

Adjunct Professor Dalla Lana School of Public Health, University of Toronto

Previous positions

Professor of Medicine University of Cape Town & Chief Physician GSH (1980-2007)
Professor & Head, Department of Medicine, UCT & Groote Schuur Hospital (1980-1999)
Founding Director, University of Cape Town Bioethics Centre (1992-2012)  
President International Association of Bioethics (2001-2003) 
Professor, Dalla Lana School of Public Health University of Toronto (2008-2012)


Global Health and Global Ethics

Benatar S, Brock G. (Editors) Cambridge University Press 2011 


Benatar S, Brock G. (Editors) Cambridge University Press 2021

Current teaching 

Module in Planetary Health Ethics MHSc. DLSPH University of Toronto
Various invited Seminars on Global Health and Global Health Ethics   

Research Interests

Selected papers:

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Selected papers:

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Selected papers:

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Selected papers:

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Selected papers:

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