Professor Nicoli Nattrass

Co-Director, iCWild

Research Interests

  • Human wildlife conflict
  • Race and class
  • Ecology on the urban fringe


Professor Nicoli Nattrass is a development economist in the School of Economics at the University of Cape Town with an inter-disciplinary background in social science. She is the Co-Director of iCWild (Institute for Communities and Wildlife in Africa) and frequently collaborates with the Sustainable Societies Unit at the Centre for Social Science Research. She completed her Doctorate at the University of Oxford, where she was a Rhodes Scholar, and is a regular visiting professor at Yale where she teaches a course on Human-Wildlife Conflict in Africa. 
Nicoli won the UCT teachers award in 2001 and has twice won the UCT book award: in 2005 for 'The Moral Economy of AIDS in South Africa', and in 2014 for 'The AIDS Conspiracy: Science Fights Back'. Her published work (80 journal articles and 11 books) is predominantly on the political economy of inequality and health in South Africa, the interface between science and society, and more recently, on human-wildlife conflict. 
Nicoli’s work in iCWild focusses on the socio-economic determinants of poison use, and the role of science, economics and culture in shaping policy and practice. She conducts mixed-methods (quantitative and qualitative) research including conducting and analysing social surveys, focus groups, in-depth interviews and historical research.

 Professor Nicoli Nattrass CV

Recent Publications 

  • Nattrass, N. 2021. Combatting COVID-19: The BRICS in Comparative Perspective. CSSR Working paper no. 464.

  • Le Cordier, N., Mayman, R., Mofokeng, R., Nattrass, N. 2022. Recycling at UCT: A brief history and situational report for 2021.

  • Nattrass, N. 2022. Waste, rodents and integrated pest management at UCT. CSSR Working paper no. 469.