The Institute for Democracy, Citizenship and Public Policy in Africa (IDCPPA) and the Centre for Social Sciences Research at the University of Cape Town invites you to join us for a seminar on 22 November 2022. Professor Jeremy Seekings will be presenting on the topic: "COVID-19 and Social Protection in Africa: A Case-Study of Botswana"

Summary: The initial impression of 'unprecedented' social protection response to the Covid-19 crisis has given way, at least in Africa, to more sober assessments of the response. In various countries, reforms that were announced were delayed or even never implemented. The Government of Botswana's response to the crisis entailed primarily temporary wage subsidies and a once-off distribution of food baskets. This paper assesses this response in terms of coverage, generosity, expense and timeliness, and examines path dependency in Botswana in relation to the paths of reform followed in other African countries.


Professor Jeremy Seekings is a Professor of Political Studies and Sociology at the University of Cape Town. He is interested in a wide range of topics concerning society and politics, in the present and historically, in South Africa. Africa and elsewhere in the world. Much of his work has been focused on South Africa, including on social stratification and inequalities (class, status, race, gender), the transformation of kinship and families, and the history and contemporary politics of poverty reduction and welfare-state-building. His current work covers much of East and Southern Africa, focusing on public policy with an emphasis on poverty reduction and social protection. Jeremy is Director of the Centre for Social Science Research and Interim Director of the Institute for Democracy, Citizenship and Public Policy in Africa.