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Imagine what South Africa could be like if every child in this country had access to a quality education. Imagine the things we could do and make happen if whole generations of young people receive the best teaching and learning possible.

Good quality schooling is a bedrock of society. And “education is the single biggest transformative factor for the individual, the nation and society”. Teaching and learning in schools is inherently about the future. Our hopes. Our potential. Our possibilities.

We know the various assessments of the SA education system makes for gloomy reading. Like many sectors, education in South Africa needs significant improvement. It requires a collective push, going beyond government spending only.

You can play a part in shaping a better education system.

By supporting the Schools Development Unit, you can help UCT extend its higher education excellence to schools, especially poorly-resourced schools and learners who still don’t get the best education despite being talented and curious.

At SDU we work to make lasting positive impacts in schools, with learners, teachers, principals, education managers ad policymakers, all with the goal of changing schools for good. As an entirely donor funded department we rely on philanthropic income to ensure quality school improvement. For its owns sake and to ensure excellence in the pipeline to higher education.

Make a donation to SDU today to change the life of a learner. Your gift goes a long way no matter how small. You can make a once off or recurring gift, marked for the ‘Schools Development Unit’.

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“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.“

Malcolm X