science experiment


SDU has partnered with Siemens to conduct a small-scale evaluation of Siemens Stiftung project “Design Thinking in STEM”.

Siemens Stiftung, in collaboration with INDEX: Design to Improve Life and the d-school are presenting a programme aimed at developing the knowledge and skills of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) teachers and/or multipliers in the principles of design-based education.  The commissioned evaluation will help to determine whether participants in the programme improve their positive problem-solving skills and whether they are able to apply design-thinking principles in their arenas of activity. The evaluation is part of Siemens commitment to STEM education and to developing an understanding of the scientific and technological interrelationships, the interdisciplinarity and problem-solving skills necessary for responsible participation in society.

The ultimate objective is to prepare students to take the initiative to act responsibly in their contribution to society.

The purpose of this evaluation is to:

  • Establish whether participants’ knowledge and problem-solving skills using design-thinking in the context of STEM education has developed;
  • Establish whether participants are able to apply design-thinking principles in their teaching;
  • Establish students’ perceptions of how their knowledge and problem-solving skills have developed.