SDU offers expert educational services that come with significant and varied expertise across teaching, learning and school management disciplines. As part of our broader efforts to tackle school development for improving teaching and learning quality in the South African classroom, we offer a variety of services to aid the teacher, HOD, school managers, parent and governing bodies and similar stakeholders in the school community ecosystem. Some of our services include:

  • Policy and advocacy around schooling and curriculum
  • Customised school, teacher & learner interventions
  • School and teacher evaluation and assessment
  • Working with you to improve school leadership and management
  • Teacher mentoring and coaching
  • School strategic development, management and implementation
  • Marks assessment and analysis

 SDU Professional Consultancy Services:

  • Vision & mission crafting
  • Strategic Planning
  • Mediation
  • Team Building
  • Creating optimal organisational cultures
  • Managing difficult conversations

Systemic Testing

The SDU has been closely involved in the Western Cape Education Department’s annual language and mathematics systemic testing since the province commenced large-scale testing back in 2002. Find out more about SDU's systemic testing.