Child working at a maths problem


Mathematics will remain a critical academic discipline for school learners where it introduces children to making sense of the world around us. Mathematics provides a way to foreground concepts, think in abstraction and develop reasoning strategies.  With the increasing demands of the digital age and data-driven lives and careers, mathematics skills will become even more critical to keep up with life in the 21st century.

Our work in mathematics spans Grade 4 to 12.  We work collaboratively with our colleagues in the ECD Stream (School of Education), teachers, schools, education department officials, mathematics education academics and mathematicians, as well as education publishers and the private sector to:

  • Improve teaching and learning in various school contexts
  • Improve understanding of fundamental and foundational ideas and concepts in Mathematics, relevant to the school context

We do this via various projects that focus on:

  • School-based development to support learners, teachers and school management
  • Workshops and university-approved short courses on curriculum, pedagogy and mathematics content
  • The development of curriculum-aligned materials for Grades 4 – 12 that foster conceptual knowledge
  • The development of assessment-related activities and instruments