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School leadership and management is important to effective teaching and learning delivery. A well-run school focused on the learner at the heart of all teaching and learning remains beyond reach for many schools. At SDU we work to engage, facilitate and equip school teachers, leaders, heads of departments, principals and school managers to organise, manage and lead their places of learning to deliver the highest quality education possible to the learner. Major issues include:

  • School leadership and management: in the South African context inclusive of debates around current contextual factors influencing and shaping school management
  • Leading and managing people in a school environment: the role of the school manager in engaging persons in the school community; human resource management including staff development and the application of employment legislation; issues related to the socio-economic background and the health of learners, teachers and school community resources
  • Managing resources: Information on how to ensure efficacy, accountability and financial responsibility in the school
  • Policy and governance: analysis, development and implementation of internal school policy
  • Managing teaching & learning: Information for the school manager in managing the planning, implementation monitoring and evaluation of teaching to ensure quality learning for all learners in the context of national, provincial and school policy
  • Managing assessment and moderation: Information on how to plan, prepare for and conduct assessment and moderation from the position of a school manager and instructional leader
  • Project Management: project management advice as well as the tools utilised in driving projects in the school context.