Communication courses (courses for 2nd language students) are offered for isiXhosa, Sesotho and Swahili. Students interested in studying communication courses in any other African language should please contact the Section Head.

Requirements for a major in Xhosa Communication 

Second Year Courses:

SLL2101F   Xhosa Communication IIA

SLL2102S   Xhosa Communication IIB

Third Year Courses:

SLL3101F   Xhosa Communication IIIA

SLL3102S   Xhosa Communication IIIB


  1. SLL1101F: No language prerequisites. Mother-tongue speakers of Nguni languages cannot register for this course and are encourages to register for SLL1131F IsiXhosa Language & Literature Studies IA
  2. SLL1102S: SLL1101F or SLL1018S
  3. SLL2101F: Must have passed Xhosa Communication IB or have passed Xhosa as a 2nd language at Matric level
  4. SLL2102S: Must have passed SLL2101F
  5. SLL3101F: Must have passed SLL2102S
  6. SLL3102S: Must have passed SLL3101F.

Requirements for a major in African Languages & Literatures

First Year Courses:

SLL1131F   IsiXhosa Language & Literature Studies IA

SLL1132S   IsiXhosa Language & Literature Studies IB

Second Year Courses

SLL2131F   IsiXhosa Language & Literature Studies IIA

SLL2132S   IsiXhosa Language & Literature Studies IIB

Third Year Courses

SLL3131F   IsiXhosa Language & Literature Studies IIIA

SLL3132S   IsiXhosa Language & Literature Studies IIIB


  1. SLL1131F: A Grade 12 pass in an African language (isiXhosa, isiZulu, isiNdebele, isiSwati) or complete SLL1101F Xhosa Communication IA and SLL1102S Xhosa Communication IB
  2. SLL1132S: Must have passed SLL1131F
  3. SLL2131F: Must have passed SLL1132S
  4. SLL2132S: Must have passed SLL2131F
  5. SLL3131F: Must have passed SLL2132S
  6. SLL3132S: Must have passed SLL3131F