During term time, the School of Languages and Literatures runs a regular research seminar series. In addition to talks by visiting scholars and established academics, the School encourages presentations of work in progress by postgraduate students and early-career researchers as part of this series. 

2024 Seminars

SLL Seminars 2024
Ectopic Insider

The Ectopic Insider. Exploring the Interstices of Travel Writing, Memory and History in M. G. Vassanji’s And Home Was Kariakoo

Dr Felicity Hand (Universitat Autonoma, Barcelona) and Dr Esther Pujolràs-Noguer (Universitat de Lleida)
Wednesday 10 April
Beattie 114 17h00

SLL Seminar 4 April 2024

Shaaban Robert: Toward an Ecopoetics of Kiswahili Language

Prof. Xavier Garnier (Francophone and African Literature, Paris 3 – Sorbonne Nouvelle)
Thursday 4 April
Beattie 115 17h00

Past Seminars

Italian Diaspora

The Italian Diaspora in South Africa

Prof. Maria Chiara Marchetti-Mercer and A/Prof. Anita Virga
Tuesday 31 October
Hum LT 1A


Translation and storytelling in the era of social and new media

Mr Massimo Gardella
Thursday 19 October
Beattie 115 17h00


A Panorama of Contemporary Mozambican Literature

Mr Lucílio Manjate
Tuesday 3 October
Beattie LT 13h00

Mahenge Seminar

Call Me by My Name’: Portrayal of Albinism in Swahili Literature [Fasihi ya Kiswahili]

Dr Elizabeth Godwin Mahenge (UCT)
Thursday 28 September
Beattie 114 13h00

Plaiche Seminar

Necropolitics and Forms of Life: Writings of Dispersion in Contemporary Francophone African Novels

Dr Karel Plaiche (UCT)
Thursday 14 September
Beattie 115 17h00

Zeng Seminar

Mapping Linguistic Logic and Syntactic Structures: Contrastive Linguistics as a Key to Activating Learners’ Linguistic Awareness of Chinese

Associate Professor Yang Zeng (UCT)
Thursday 31 August
Beatte LT 13h00

Loots Seminar

Disturbed graves and disturbing afterlives: Reimagining the remains of Hendrik Witbooi and Sitting Bull

Dr Sonja Loots (UCT)
Thursday 17 August 
Beattie LT 13h00

Bradley Seminar

Roman Noses, and the sense of smell in antiquity

Professor Mark Bradley (Nottingham)
Thursday 3 August
Beattie 115 17h00
2023 Mezzabotta Memorial Lecture

Mara Seminar

Speaking in Tongues: the Creative Transformation of Jhumpa Lahiri

Dr Mara Boccaccio (UCT)
Thursday 11 May
Robert Leslie 2D 17h00

Anita Seminar

Re-reading the Literary Representation of Child-Animal Interactions

Dr Anita de Melo (UCT)
Wednesday 26 April
Robert Leslie 2D 16h00

Jeffrey Seminar

Horace in The Natal Mercury

Dr Jeffrey Murray (UCT)
Thursday 13 April
Beattie 114 17h00

Carola Seminar

Cohesion in second language writing and in translation: A case for research into varioversals

Professor Carola Strobl (Antwerp)
Thursday 23 March
Beattie 114 17h00

Luettich Seminar

May we always do what we can do? Discourse ethics for science and technology

Professor Ernest W.B. Hess-Lüttich (UCT)
Thursday 9 March
Beattie 114 17h00

Sylvos Seminar

Colonial Utopias and Dystopias in Bourbon and Mauritius during the 19th Century

Professor Françoise Sylvos (Réunion)
Thursday 02 March
Beattie 114 17h00