Professor David Wardle


MA DPhil Oxon

Research Interests: Roman History and Historiography; Roman exemplary literature; divination, Roman religion and ruler cult

Born and educated in Nottingham, UK, David Wardle took an MA and a DPhil from Oxford in the sub-faculty of Literae Humaniores. After a brief stint working for the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority he came to UCT as a lecturer in August 1990 and was appointed Professor in Classics and Ancient History in 2006. His academic specialisation lies in the field of Roman imperial history and historiography which he combines with an interest in ancient Roman religion.

Besides numerous articles he is the author of four monographs, which have taken the form of commentaries on key texts from the Classical period: Suetonius’ Life of Caligula (Brussels, 1994), Valerius Maximus’ Memorable Deeds and Sayings (Oxford, 1998), Cicero’s On Divination (Oxford, 2006), and Suetonius’ Life of Augustus (Oxford, 2014).

Office: Beattie Building, Room 217