Professor Ernest W B Hess-Luettich

Honorary Professor

MA Bonn, MIL London, Dr. phil. Bonn, Dr. habil. FU Berlin, Dr. paed. Bonn, Dr. h.c. Budapest, Prof. h.c. TU Berlin, Prof. h.c. Cape Town

Research interests: dialogue analysis and discourse studies in various fields of theory and application: sociology of language, literary studies, theatre studies, intermedial, intercultural, intra-/subcultural, institutional, public, political, technical, medical, and urban communication

Ernest W.B. Hess-Luettich is Professor emeritus at Univ. of Berne, Switzerland, and Honorary Professor at Technical Univ. Berlin, Germany. He was Prof. of German and Linguistics at Free Univ. Berlin, Full Prof. of German Language and Literature as well as Assoc. Prof. of Comparative Literature and Semiotics at Univ. of Indiana Bloomington, USA. He was Honorary Professor at Univ. of Stellenbosch (2007-2017) and, since 2020, he is Honorary Prof. at Univ. of Cape Town. He has written and edited some 70 books and published approx. 400 scholarly articles in journals and collective volumes. His monographs include books on the foundations of dialogue linguistics, on communication and aesthetics, on semiotics of theatre and drama, on Gerhart Hauptmann, on applied sociology of language, on literary theory and media practice, on urban and medical discourse, on German grammar and language use. He is a founding member of the editorial boards of several journals and book series, e.g., Kodikas Int'l Journal of Semiotics (since 1980), Cross Cultural Communication (since 1994), Journal of Intercultural German Studies (until 2015) and of numerous other academic advisory boards, including one at the Austrian Academy of Sciences (ICLTT, until 2016). He is an Honorary Member of the Hungarian Assoc. of German Studies and was (vice) president of various scholarly associations, among them the German Assoc. for Semiotic Studies, Assoc. of Applied Linguistics, Int'l Assoc. of Dialogue Analysis, Assoc. of intercultural German Studies. He held academic positions at the universities of London, Bonn, Berlin, Bloomington, Berne, and was invited as speaker on conferences in some 60+ different countries as well as a guest professor or visiting scholar to more than 30 renowned universities around the world

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