Convener: Dr A Sen

Course entry requirements: Acceptance for a master's programme

Co-requisites: None

Can there be a history of violence if one takes structural violence as seriously as spectacular episodes? What does one do when one writes a history of violence? How can one begin to think of writing a history that can simultaneously approximate the experiential and the structural, the excess and the everydayness of violence? In critically reinterrogating the conventional distance between war and peace, this course will study different forms of violence that has produced the Global South in the form that we inhabit it. For us, the Global South is both a concrete political, geographical location as well as a conceptual analytic through which histories of violence shall be approached. In bringing together a representative sample of critical theoretical literature and specific histories of violence along lines of race, ethnicity, class, gender, and minority across the colonial worlds, this course will address the interconnected debates in the fields of epistemology, law, politics and economy.