Useful in itself, the Honours degree (specialising in History) also provides a vital link between the undergraduate programme and the specialised Master’s programme. For an Honours degree in Historical Studies the minimum requirement is a Bachelor’s degree with a Major in History or Economic History or in a cognate discipline. Honours at the Department of Historical Studies is a one-year programme in which the students are required to successfully complete four taught courses and a research essay. Of the four taught courses one is compulsory and the remaining three courses may be selected from a range of available electives.

For additional guidance on and further information about the Honours Programme, interested students are advised to contact Associate Professor Sean Field, the convenor of the programme.

Prescribed curriculum:

Four taught courses and a research essay.

Compulsory (core) courses:
HST4001H    Research Essay/Projects
HST4021H    Advanced Historical Methods and Approaches
Possible electives:
HST4034F    Oral History: Method, Practice and Theory
HST4040F    A History of Violence: Persepctives from the Global South (Not available in 2023)
HST4041F    The Histories of Land and Labour Struggles in South Africa
HST4042F    Theory and Method in Histories of Medicine, Health and Healing
HST4043S    Writing and History
HST4055S    Racism, Colonialism & Genocide
HST4056S    Themes in Everyday History (Not available in 2023)
HST4058F    Themes in Contemporary South African Rural History
HST4062S    Gendering the Black Transnational: Mobility in Literary History