Convener: Associate Professor L van Sittert

Course entry requirements: At least two courses in historical, social science or cultural studies offered by the Faculty of Humanities, or by permission of the Head of Department.

The course explores debates and approaches to the study of economic history in Africa, placing South Africa’s economic history within the context of the continent as a whole. It introduces new perspectives on African economic and social history developed in the global south. It examines the economic legacies of colonialism (including the differences between settler and non-settler colonies), and the place of institutions in the growth and development of the continent. Using comparisons between different regions and countries, this course investigates why countries which are resource rich have not been able to use these resources to improve living standards and encourage broad-based economic development. It also examines the roles international business and labour have played in the economic history of individual countries. Finally, the course tracks the changing place of Africa in the global economy.