At the Department of Historical Studies, we offer a wide range of courses across the three years of undergraduate studies. There are two introductory core courses for the first year: Connections and Interruptions c. 1500-1800 and Empires and Modernities. No prior history education/knowledge is required for any of them. In the second year students have to complete one core course on historical methods and there is a bouquet of other options. You can choose between histories of colonial and pre-colonial Africa, gender and modern South Africa, Holocaust etc. The third year core course introduces you to the exciting world of black intellectual histories. In addition, like the second year, there are multiple options to select from. There are courses on African Economic histories, History and Memory , Comparative histories of South, West Asia and North Africa. We encourage the students to explore the course descriptions available on the website.

Course Requirements for a Major in History

First Year Courses

First Semester

HST1013F Connections and Interruptions, 1500-1800 (core)

Second Semester

HST1014S Empires and Modernites (core)

Second Year Courses

First Semester

HST2040F Historical Methods (core)

HST2042F Conflict and Conquest: South Africa to 1900

Second Semester

HST2011S The Holocaust (Not offered in 2023)

HST2039S Africa since 1800: From Colonial Rule to Independence

HST2044S Africa in Question: Ancient & Pre-colonial Africa - Between the Past & Present (Not offered in 2023)

HST2047S   Gender And History

Third Term courses

HST2034L/P Africa: Colonial & Post-Colonial

HST2045L   Genocide: African Experiences

Third Year Courses

First Semester

HST3043F    Debates In Modern African Intellectual History (core)

Second Semester

HST3037S Memory, Identity and History

HST3044S Themes in South-West Asian and North African History: 15th - 20th Century (Not offered in 2023)

HST3045S African Economic History

HST3046S Subjects to Citizens?: South Africa Since 1900