Professor: H Chitonge

The major offers students a coherent multi- and inter-disciplinary introduction to African Studies that will cover core content and theoretical contributions to the field. By drawing on the intellectual resources of Africa, the curriculum of the major will affirm student agency; promote engagement, social and cultural awareness, self-reflexivity, multi- and inter-disciplinarity. We intend to provide and enriched distinctive pedagogy that will develop in students’ high levels of criticality and creativity through the use of interactive learning, multi-media and project work.

First Year courses:
Code Title
ASL1201S Representations of Africa

Second Year courses:
Code Title
ASL2202F African Political Thought  and ONE of the following:

ASL2200S, ASL2100F, & ASL2102S

Culture, Identity and Globalisation in Africa Gender, Sexuality and Politics*
Gender and the Politics of Development*

Third Year courses

Code Titles:

ASL3200F Political Economy of Africa
ASL3201S Language, Power and Freedom in Africa - Practices and Ideologies

*Note: see entries under Gender Studies section in the Undergraduate Handbook. If any of these courses are taken as part of the requirements for the major in Gender Studies, the course may not also be credited as part of a major in African Studies.


  1. For 2000-level courses: second-year status
  2. For 3000-level courses: third-year status