Photograph credit: Paul Weinberg

BEYOND BOUNDARIES explored different way of making worlds  that are hidden visible. Two exhibitions, one from Chile, curated by Francisco Schwember and coleagues,  Encounters and Dialogues “addresses the problem of historical violence that indigenous peoples have suffered” and at the same time explores a diversity of approaches and media to express this and disrupt often rigidly bounded disciplines.


The second exhibition on Christmas Bands photographed and filmed by Paul Grendon and Sylvia Bruinders brings to the surface cultural performances that have deep roots in this particular regional landscape. The Christmas Bands as explained by Sylvia Bruinders, “share commonalities with two other parading practices in the city of Cape Town, the Minstrels and Malay Choirs. They emerged during the early years of the colonial Cape.

Event type: Pop Up
Date: 14th of November, 2016.
Artists & Curator/s: Francisco Schwember, Paul Grendon and Sylvia Bruinders.