postamble is a peer-reviewed graduate student journal based in the University of Cape Town’s Centre for African Studies that is published bi-annually online. The Editorial Collective of postamble are committed to featuring original post-graduate student work, of a high academic standard, that is of value to the multi-disciplinary study of Africa both within and outside of the university environment.

postamble publishes articles of a general nature, as well as articles focused on particular thematic or subject area. Articles cover a wide range of humanities, arts, science, and social sciences topics, and postamble actively encourages alternative forms of research presentation, including: creative writing, film and sound productions, and visual essays.

History of postamble

In 2004 post-graduate students of the Centre for African Studies, Kim Wildman, Natasha Himmelman, Anna Luty, Daniel Steyn and Noeleen Murray, founded postamble as a multi-disciplinary journal of African studies. These students recognised the importance of creating an online forum for the work of graduates students to be presented and disseminated. Contributions to early issues came from students registered in the graduate courses of the Centre for African Studies specifically. Courses covered themes such as Problematising the Study of Africa: Interrogating the Disciplines; Public Culture in Africa; Collection, Representation, Display; and Debates in African Literature; and African and African Diasporic Thought. In more recent issues, the focus of postamble has shifted to include a broader range of contributors, including students from the United States, Europe, continental Africa, and the Carribean.

Since its founding, postamble has provided an excellent training ground for graduate students of the Centre to gain practical editorial experience in the field of academic publishing, and to experience the challenges of knowledge production and dissemination in an African and African Diasporic context.

Structure of postamble

The Centre for African Studies at the University of Cape Town’s is postamble’s institutional home. The structure of postamble is made up by its Editorial Collective, consisting of graduate students and postdoctoral fellows, and the Editorial Board, consisting of scholars from various disciplines, research institutes, and institutions. The Editorial Collective is responsible for the day-to-day running of the journal, while the Editorial Board play an advisory role to the Editorial Collective.

ISSN Number: 1817-0862

Website link: postamble