Event type: Exhibition
Date: 26th of February – 31st of April, 2017.
Artists & Curator/s: Buhlebezwe Siwani, Hilary Graham, Mandla Mbothwe, Lulamile Bongo Nikani, Fezeka Choir, Warona Seane, Paul Weiberg (Curator) & Zuziwe Msomi (Co-curator).

This project comprised of a range of artworks in different media, as well as photographs, interactive audiovisual material, instalations, performances and archives. The project commemorates in 2017 the centenary of the sinking of the SS Mendi that occurred on 21 February 1917, paying tribute through the academy and the arts to the South African Native Labour Contingent and particularly to the soldiers on the Mendi who died en route to serve South Africa and the British war effort during the First World War.

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Event type: Exhibition
Date: 18th of September – 31st of October, 2016.
Artists & Curator/s: Kirby Collection of Musical instruments, Esa Alexander & Paul Weiberg (Curator).

An exhibition that searches for connections and synergies between Africa and Asia as part of a major research project between scholars across these two continents called "Recentering AfroAsia" funded by the A.W.Mellon Foundation. The selection of images presented suggested and at times established connections, echoes and resonances across the lands and seas between and across Africa and Asia. Part of the exhibition was from the Kirby Collection of Musical instruments at the South African College of Music, UCT. The other part was an essay on the Malay Choirs by acclaimed Cape Town photographer, Esa Alexander. His work celebrates the musicians whose artistry draws on and hones the beloved cultural practices that ancestors brought on slave ships. The opening was followed by a performance by Asian and African musicians.

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Event type: Exhibition
Date: 15th of June – 18th of August, 2016.
Artists & Curator/s: Sam Nzima, Peter Magubane, Independent Archive in Cape Town, Mark Kaplan, Terry-Jo Thorne, Alex Gwaze, Nkululeko Mbandla (Curator) & Paul Weiberg (Curator).

A multimedia project CAS Gallery at UCT hosted to mark the forty year anniversary of June 16 student uprisings. The 1976 moment is deeply etched in most South African minds. It is a moment when Soweto students resisted not only Afrikaans being taught as a form of tuition, but more importantly courageously defied ‘Bantu Education’ and the Apartheid system itself.  Besides photographs the project featured short video installations reflecting a range of voices from a UCT perspective as well and those engaged in national dialogue about reconciliation and healing. The exhibition also showcased a selected collection of artwork from the UCT Works of Art Collection that directly speaks to this iconic moment.





Event type: Exhibition
Date: 9th of March 2016 – 9th of May 2016.
Artists & Curator/s: UCT Students, Paul Weiberg (Curator), Wandile Kasibe (Rhodes Must Fall Curator) & Pam Dhlamini.

A Rhodes Must Fall Exhibition that comprised of about 75 photographs, videos, posters and relevant artefacts that captured the essence and the evolving story of a dramatic year in student protest. The exhibition also included a wall curated by CAS called ‘Contested Legacies’ where Rhodes, Jameson and other uncomfortable symbols and their presences are contextualised and interrogated. More than an exhibition, ECHOING VOICES FROM WITHIN is a thorough archive and a record produced by the Rhodes Must Fall movement. Many of the photographs and videos were taken by the students themselves who also assembled a significant and important archive of this moment in history.





Event type: Exhibition
Date: 9th of February – 12th of February, 2016
Artists & Curator/s: Hugh Brody & Paul Weiberg (Curator).

An archive that represents a full recognition of ǂKhomani San history and their place in the world. It is a means for transmission of knowledge to future generations. And for all the San of the southern Kgalagadi, it is a source of immense pride. First created in support of a series of films, Tracks Across Sand, the archive is now held at UCT Special Collections, and tells and shares these stories. This archive holds all the materials that were generated by 15 years of work with the San of the southern Kgalagadi.

For more info visit:  http://digitalcollections.lib.uct.ac.za/khomani