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Arts and Culture Article by Dr. Duane Jethro


Headline: Nelson Mandela’s personal items under the hammer in New York? Why it outraged some, and what’s at stake.


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Publication Year Publication Type Author(s) Publication Title Link to Publication 
2020(?) Research report Jade Gibson African studies at the University ofCape Town: A review of undergraduate pedagogies and research on Africa   
  Occasional Paper Shahid Vawda The provocation of Archie Mafeje and the future of Afrocentric research  
  Occasional Paper Archie Mafeje The land and the agrarian question in Southern Africa  
  Occasional Paper Enver Motala 'Race talk' stalks the land: What can be done?  
2018 Book June Bam; Lungisile Ntsebeza; Allan Zinn (eds) Whose history counts: Decolonising African pre-colonial historiography  
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2012 Book Thandabantu Nhlapo; Harry Garuba African studies in the post-colonial university  
Publication Year Publication Type Author(s) Publication Title Link to Publication
2023 Article Ahmet Sait Akcay Book review: Decolonising Marxism, essays from the Pan African revolution 
2023 Article Nkholedzeni Sidney Netshakhuma Political power and politics: Selecting, creating, and preserving liberation movement archives in South Africa 
2023 Book Suren Pillay (ed) On the subject of citizenship: Late colonialism on the world today 
2021 Book Horman Chitonge Industrial policy and the transformation of the colonial economy in Africa: The Zambian experience  
2016 Article V. Laterza; D. Evans; R. Davies; C. Donald; and C. Rice Resilient labour: workplace regimes, globalisation and enclave development in southern Africa  
2016 Article V. Laterza; D. Evans; R. Davies; C. Donald; and C. Rice What is in a "research report"? A collaborative authoethnography of institutional approvals in public involvement in research  
2016 Article Jeremiah O. Arowosegbe African scholars, African studies, and knowledge production on Africa  
2016 Article Femke Brandt Power battles on South African trophy-hunting farms: Farm workers, resistance and mobility in the Karoo  
2016 Article Femke Brandt and R. Gordon Special issue: Hunting in contemporary Africa  
2016 Article Femke Brandt Securing wilderness landscapes in South Africa: Nick Steele, private wildlife conservancies and saving rhinos  
2016 Article Jeremiah O. Arowosegbe Ethnic minorities and the land question in Nigeria  
2016 Article Lungisile Ntsebeza A tribute to the late Dr Phyllis Priscilla Ntantala-Jordan 1920-2016  
2016 Article Femke Brandt and Fani Ncapayi The meaning of compliance with land and labour legislation: understanding justice through farm workers' experiences in the Eastern Cape  
2016 Book Nick Shepard; Cristobel Gnecco; Alejandro Haber Archaeology and decoloniality  
2016 Article Lungisile Ntsebeza What can we learn from Archie Mafeje and the road to democracy in South Africa?  
2016 Article J. Adebayo Fostering nonviolent elections in Africa thrgh conflict-sensitive reportage in elections  
2016 Article J. Adebayo Mitigating electoral violence in Africa through peaceful journalism  
2016 Article J. Adebayo Deconstructing the 'National Question' in Nigeria: The role of peaceful journalism  
2016 Article J. Adebayo Remodelling media theories for peace and sustainable democracy in Africa: 'Ecquid Novi'  
2016 Article J. Adebayo The impact of peace journalism training on journalists' reportage of the 2015 elections in Nigeria: An action research case study  
2016 Article Horman Chitonge Zambia at 50: Persisting challenges of structural transformation  
2016 Article G. Mkodzongi and Clemence Rusenga Land and agrarian reform: Towards an inclusive poverty alleviation agenda in South Africa  
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2015 Article Jeremiah O. Arowosegbe Endogenous knowledge and the development question in Africa  
2015 Book Nick Shepard The mirror in the ground: Archaeology, photography and the making of a disciplinary archive  
2015 Book Horman Chitonge Beyond parliament: Human rights and the politics of social change in the global south  
2015 Book Horman Chitonge Economic growth and development in Africa: Understanding trends and prospects  
2015 Article Grasian Mkodzongi I am a paramount chief this land belongs to my ancestors: The reconfiguration of rural authority after Zimbabwe's land reforms  
2015 Article V. Laterza  From production to distribution:The politics of dependence and the emerging welfare state in South Africa  
2015 Article Laterza V Entangled in/equalities in African societies: A response to Harri Englund's human rights and African airwaves  
2015 Article Allison Drew Visions of liberation: The Algerian War of independence and its South African reverberations  
2015 Article Nkululeko Mabandla Rethinking Bundy: Land and the black middle class-accumulation beyond the peasantry  
2015 Article S. Mnwana Democracy, development and chieftancy along South Africa's 'Platinum Highway': Some emerging issues  
2015 Article Ana Deumert and Nkululeko Mabandla Everyday a new shop pops up' - South Africa's 'new' Chinese diaspora and the multilingual transformation of rural towns  
2015 Article Horman Chitonge and O. Mfune The urban land question in Africa: The case of urban land conflicts in the City of Lusaka, 100 years after its founding  
2015 Article Horman Chitonge The Mathew Effect of growth in Africa: Rising poverty and inequality in the midst of sustained growth in Zambia  
2015 Article Horman Chitonge Customary land in Zambia at cross-roads: Two decades of contested land reform  
2015 Book Allison Drew Between empire and revolution: A life and Sidney Bunting, 1873-1936  
2014 Book chapter Horman Chitonge Social Safety Nets reloaded: An analysis of the second generation of Safety Nets in Africa 
2014 Article Jeremiah O. Arowosegbe Claude E. Ake and the praxis of knowledge production in Africa  
2014 Article Jeremiah O. Arowosegbe African studies and the bias of Eurocentricism  
2014 Article Jeremiah O. Arowosegbe African studies and the universities in post-colonial Africa  
2014 Article Ksenia Robbe African studies at a crossroads: Producing theory across the disciplines in South Africa  
2014 Article Femke Brandt and M. Spierenburg Game fences in the Karoo: Reconfiguring spacial and social relations  
2014 Article Horman Chitonge Land redistribution and zero hunger programs: Can South Africa reap a triple dividend?  
2014 Article Sonwabile Mnwana Mineral wealth - "In the name of 'morafe'? Community controls in Africa's 'Platinum Valley'  
2014 Article Martin Plaut South Africa: How the ANC wins elections  
2014 Article Lungisile Ntsebeza The Mafeje and UCT saga: Unfinished business?  
2014 Article Horman Chitonge Cities beyond networks: The status of water services for the urban poor in African cities  
2014 Article N. Mkhize Game farm conversions and the land question  
2013 Book chapter Lungisile Ntsebeza The re-incorporation of Transkei into South Africa, 1987-1994: Turning against the master? 
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2013 Article Horman Chitonge Land use and rural livelihoods in South Africa: Emerging evidence from the Eastern Cape  
2013 Article Horman Chitonge Who will foot the bill? Water services infrastructure backlog in sub-Saharan Africa  
2013 Book Nukululeko Mabandla Lahla Ngubo - The continuities of discontinuities of a South African black middle class  
2013 Book chapter Horman Chitonge Land resourses ownership and use in 'Africa of the Labour Reserves' (the southern African sevelopment community) 
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2007 Book Lungisile Ntsebeza; Tuth Hall (eds) The land question in South Africa: The challenge of transformation and redistribution  
2005 Book Lungisile Ntsebeza Democracy compromised: Chiefs and the politics of land in South Africa  

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