African Studies Book Collection

Special Collections includes the significant African Studies collections of published monographs and pamphlets, as well as a rare book collection and several specialist collections. Previously housed in the African Studies Library, founded in 1953, the African Studies collections consist of approximately 65 000 volumes, including up-to-date materials as well as works on Africa and South Africa printed before 1925, and many hard-to-find volumes in a wide range of European and African languages. The pamphlet consists of just under 26 000 titles, with a further 800 rare or old titles, published before 1925, in the BAAP collection.
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Film and Video Collections

Special Collections houses an extensive African Film Collection as well Archival Film. The Africa Film Collection comprises over 3,000 Africa-themed documentaries, feature films and shorts, including television series, which have either been made in Africa or have predominantly Africa-related content. It is one of the major collections globally. Most films are already in digital formats, and remaining video tapes are being converted. Special Collections collects comprehensively on South and Southern Africa and is committed to strengthening and broadening film material from other regions of Africa, to create new research opportunities.
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