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Insurrections III: The Storming

Stormings and Tempests

Prepare for some Stormy Weather - the Insurrections Ensemble is returning for two performances on the 25th and 26th of September at the Homecoming Centre of District Six.

UCT’s Centre for African Studies is co-hosting this loose adaptation of Aimé Césaire’s a Tempest, once more involving, lyricists, performers and composers from South Africa and India.

Event type: Performance
Date of event: Friday, September 25, 2015 to Saturday, September 26, 2015
Venue: District Six Homecoming Centre


The Third Annual Neville Alexander Seminar

The Centre for African Studies invites you to The Third Annual Neville Alexander Seminar.

‘We need a new language: a dialogue with Neville Alexander on the Language Question’.

Panelists include Blaq Pearl, Imraan Coovadia, Ana Deumert (Moderator), Adam Haupt, Xolisa Guzula, Wandile Kasibe and live entertainment will be provided by local group Chapterz Jazz Band.

Event type: Seminar
Date of event: Thursday, August 27, 2015
Venue: Centre for African Studies Gallery


A Failure of Economic Policy: Lessons from Zimbabwe’s Hyperinflation and Dollarization

Mark Ellyne, an American, has an undergraduate degree from Cornell University, a Master’s degree in Economics from University of London, and a PhD from the Johns Hopkins School for Advanced International Studies, where he specialized in the political economy of international finance.

Event type: Seminar
Date of event: Tuesday, August 25, 2015
Venue: Centre for African Studies Gallery


Outposts of Progress: Joseph Conrad, Modernism and Post-Colonialism

The first international conference ever held in Africa on the works of author Joseph Conrad took place in 1998, to mark the centenary of the publication of Heart of Darkness. This book draws its title from Conrad’s short story, ‘An Outpost of Progress’ which represented the responses of a European to colonial settler assumptions about progress and backwardness, in the light of his first-hand experience of Europeans in Africa at the end of the nineteenth century.

Event type: Seminar
Date of event: Wednesday, July 22, 2015
Venue: Centre for African Studies, Harry Oppenheimer Institute, University of Cape Town


LURLAP Highlights, April 2015

The Land Use and Rural Livelihood Project in Africa (LURLAP), which is a collaborative research project involving researchers in different African universities, had a workshop on April 1st and 2nd, 2015, held at the Centre for African Studies (CAS), University of Cape Town(UCT). The purpose of the workshop was to present the findings of a case study conducted in Zambia in 2013 and 2014. A total of 13 research papers, based on the data collected in 2014, were presented by members of the research team.

Event type: Seminar
Date of event: Wednesday, April 1, 2015
Venue: Centre for African Studies