The Land Use and Rural Livelihood Project in Africa (LURLAP), which is a collaborative research project involving researchers in different African universities, had a workshop on April 1st and 2nd, 2015, held at the Centre for African Studies (CAS), University of Cape Town(UCT). The purpose of the workshop was to present the findings of a case study conducted in Zambia in 2013 and 2014. A total of 13 research papers, based on the data collected in 2014, were presented by members of the research team. All the papers presented at the workshop are being prepared for an edited book to be published by Cornel University Press. The study focused on customary land conversion dynamics in Zambia.

LURLAP Case Study in Zambia was supported by the Programme for the Enhancement of Research Capacity (PERC) at the University of Cape Town and the Harry Oppenheimer Institute (HOI) grant.

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Event type: Seminar
Date of event: Wednesday, April 1, 2015
Venue: Centre for African Studies