South African History Online (SAHO) is the largest independent history education and research institute in the country. It was established in June 2000, as a non-profit Section 21 organisation.

The organisation is run by an independent Board of Directors, comprising historians and people from the private sector.

SAHO’s aim is to promote history and the arts and to address the bias in written history as represented in South African educational and cultural institutions.


SAHO’s mission is to promote the study and teaching of history and to make knowledge accessible through the creation of a comprehensive online encyclopedia of South African and African history. Furthermore, through developing partnerships with community based history projects, museums, archives and educational institutions it provides a platform for people to tell their stories.


SAHO is committed to

  • The promotion of history, freedom of expression and open access to knowledge and information.
  • Strengthening research and the teaching and learning of history.
  • Working with educational and heritage institutions and archives, to ensure that South Africa’s history and heritage resources are shared to promote non-racialism, democracy and social justice.

Website link: South African History Online