Harry Garuba Shadow and Dream Alive in Poetry

26 Oct 2023
Harry Garuba Shadow and Dream
26 Oct 2023

Harry Garuba's posthumous edition of his first poetry collection Shadow and Dream is out with his former student Ahmet Sait Akcay's introduction, and Sanya Osha's forward.

"I try to think what Harry would not have thought when I face difficult local/global questions. He is alive in my work," Gayatri C. Spivak

"Shadow and Dream's subtlety, equanimous undertones and delicate but unfailing charm lent a profound sense of poetic liberation to an entire generation of poets." Sanya Osha

"As an animist poet, Garuba's poetry in many ways reflects the distinctive tendencies of the post 1980s African poetry, that is the dilemma generated by the fragmentation of nation-building." Ahmet Sait Akcay

Citation: Harry Garuba, Shadow and Dream, Langaa RPCIG, 2023

Book available on: African Books Collective