Established in 2003, the Centre for Film and Media Studies at the University of Cape Town offers a range of courses that equip graduates with the theoretical knowledge and practical skills to embark on a career in the film and media industry. Many of our alumni have found entry-level posts in the media, film, and television industries as well as in advertising, marketing, and education.

The Centre for Film and Media Studies offers two majors as well as degrees in Film and Media Production.

The major in Film and TV Studies offers a thorough grounding in the history, theory, and analysis of Film and Television. We also encourage creativity a variety of practical assignments. The skills learnt give students access to careers in academic teaching and scholarship, film journalism, film festival management, and film librarianship. A wide-ranging knowledge of Film and TV also effectively complements creative practice in screenwriting, production, and direction.

The major in Media and Writing weaves together theory and analysis of media in the modern world, including both broadcast and print media with an introduction to creative practice. Students learn about the role that media plays in South African society and are provided with basic training in writing and editing for a wide range of media. There is also a focus on journalism ethics and regulation, as well as an introduction to media research methods.

The three creatively orientated production degrees are practical in nature and include screen production, multimedia production, and digital media and informatics. All these streams provide students with baseline skills and creative expertise appropriate to the medium, which will help them find internships or entry-level posts in the industry. We have invested heavily in equipment and editing software, ensuring that students learn skills and procedures that will be directly relevant in their later careers.

In addition to offering opportunities for creativity, intellectual engagement, and practical training, we also emphasise that success in the "real world" depends on passion, commitment, perseverance, energy, and imagination on the part of the student. In choosing our production students, we take their passion and commitment seriously.