NQF credits: 24 at HEQSF level 8


Dr Viraj Suparsad

Entrance requirements

Acceptance for an Honours programme.


This course offers students the opportunity to dive into debates about auteurs and auteurship in film and television studies. The course looks at the works of 6 different contemporary auteurs across film and television. The course begins by building a foundational understanding of auteur theory and the varying debates on the topic. Following this, the course engages the works of the likes of Greta Gerwig, Jenna Bass, Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Shonda Rhimes and Spike Lee.  Through analysing the specifics of selected texts and the style of their auteurs, the seminars will also engage debates around broader topics and themes in these texts relating to gender, race, identity and so on.

DP requirements

Attendance at all classes; punctual submission of written work.


One seminar presentation and paper (25%), one essay of 2000 words (35%) and one essay of 4000 words (40%)