Improve your editing and proofreading skills as you explore the process of preparing a book for publication.

Who is this course for? 

This course is suited to aspiring copy-editors, proofreaders, and writers who want to develop solid editing skills and understand how to prepare a written work for publication. It’ll also benefit professionals already working in publishing who are looking to update their knowledge of proofreading, grammar and syntax, and elevate their editing ability. The course also explores the interpersonal skills required to maintain a positive working relationship with both the author and the publisher. 

What will you learn? 

  1. Module 1 Introduction to Editing
  2. Module 2 Spelling, Consistency and Style
  3. Module 3 Punctuation
  4. Module 4 Grammar, Usage and Style
  5. Module 5 Working With Authors
  6. Module 6 Quotes and Sources
  7. Module 7 Structural Editing
  8. Module 8 Editing Creative Works
  9. Module 9 Elements of a Book
  10. Module 10 Working as an Editor or a Proofreader

Duration: 10 Weeks

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