NQF credits: 30 at HEQSF level 7.

Third-year, first or Winter-Term or second -semester course, weekly workshops and lab sessions.


Dr Liani Maasdorp and Dr Julia Cain

Entrance requirements:

As for admission to Film and Media Production Programme

Course outline:

The third year screen production course follows on from Screen Production I and is limited to students who have successfully completed the course. Students will consolidate skills learnt in the second-year course and further develop the fundamental techniques of production for film, television and the web. Classes are workshop-based and concentrate on practical and conceptual filmmaking skills.

Lecture times:

Four lectures per week (two workshops) and a compulsory screening during 4th and 5th periods, Monday – Wednesday. Self-paced lab time and group work.

DP requirements:

Full attendance and submission of all classwork.


100% coursework (including practical, theoretical, individual and group work).