NQF credits: 24 at HEQSF level 6.

Second year, first-semester course, 2 lectures and 1 double-period or two single period seminars per week, screenings.


Dr. Alexia Smit

Entrance requirements:

FAM1000S or at the discretion of the Head of Department.

Course outline:

This course provides an introduction to genre studies for screen texts. This investigation of genre is supported by a sampling of film and television genre texts. The concept of genre provides a lens for considering the industrial, historical and sociopolitical factors which shape screen media. While drawing from a range of global examples, this course will also pay particular attention to the ways genre has been adapted for African audiences and South African audiences, in particular.  The course explores a number of key questions related to genre: (1) What is genre and how are genres defined? (2) How do industries influence and shape genre texts? (3) What role do audiences play in making meaning and how do genres determine the practices and expectations of audiences? (4) How do we account for generic change and hybridity over time and in response to new technologies; and (7) What are politics of genres which travel across different national and economic contexts? The core course will be accompanied by a seminar series in which students may select a more focussed path of study examining a genre of interest to them.

Lecture times:

7th period, Monday and Tuesday; Screening: 6th and 8th periods, Friday.

Seminars: double period or 2 single-period weekly

DP requirements:

All written work must be submitted by the stipulated dates. Students who miss more than two seminars will lose their DPs.


Continuous assessment (essays, projects, tests, etc.) counts 100%.