NQF credits: 24 at HEQSF level 6

Second-year, first or second-semester course, weekly workshops and lab sessions.


Associate Prof. Martha Evans 

Entrance requirements

As for admission to Film and Media Production Programme.

Course outline

This course aims to provide students with a foundation in online multimedia production skills, with a focus on storytelling which allows students to combine the written word with audio and visual forms, while understanding newsworthiness and how content is conceptualised and developed across distribution platforms. Students gain foundational journalistic skills in digital recording, field interviewing and research, news writing and news production. This training includes real-time reporting with social media to break stories, check facts, and engage with audiences. The theoretical component of the course will include an introduction to media ethics and law for practitioners and outlines key concepts and innovations in online publishing.

Lecture times

4th and 5th periods, Thursdays and Fridays (when offered in second semester), Mondays and Thursdays (when offered in first semester).

DP requirements

Attendance of all sessions and submission of all work required for DP.


100% coursework (including practical, theoretical, individual and group work).