NQF credits: 30 at HEQSF level 7

Third-year, first-semester course, two lectures, and one double-period or two single-period seminars per week


Associate Prof. Musawenkosi Ndlovu

Entrance requirements

The course is open to third-year Film and Media Production programme students in good standing or to students majoring in Media and Writing who have completed FAM2000F and FAM2003S or at the discretion of the Head of Department.

Course outline

The Constitution of South Africa enshrines the freedom of the press and other media, but students entering the world of media work will discover that their freedom of expression is, in practice, subject to a gridwork of constraints. Knowledge of these constraints is vitally important to anyone wanting a career in media and public communication. As such, this course maps out key regulatory, ethical and legal parameters circumscribing the freedom to speak in the public domain. Similarly, the Constitution protects the right to privacy, and the course explores how social media platforms, publishers, users and civic groups are engaging with regulatory measures and ethical practices designed to guard the privacy of citizens. 

Lecture times

Lectures: 2nd period, Monday and Wednesday.  Weekly tutorials.

DP requirements

All written work must be submitted by the stipulated dates. Students who miss more than two seminars will lose their DPs.


Continuous assessment (essays, projects, tests, etc.) counts 100%.